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Summer 2021 newsletter.


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We have not been able, due to the covid restrictions, to visit our friends and the ministries  the Trust supports in Palestine. Our last visit was in February 2020. Friends of the Trust have continued to generously support and we have been able to keep in touch by e- mail, phone,  social media and of course Zoom. Currently Israel is on red  for the UK and visitors cannot enter without special permission and of course you have to travel through Israel to get to the West Bank or Gaza!  We shall travel as soon as things open up  but when that will be is uncertain! Continue to pray for travel solutions.Janet and I will be renewing our entry visas for Gaza which expire at the end of September in faith that things will soon improve.

A big thankyou to all who gave to our special appeal,to help the family of the Lighthouse school,following the war in May.Over £14,000 was raised and has been sent into Gaza,and is now helping to renew rocket damaged structures,refurbish damaged homes,give trauma counselling to children and staff,and repair windows and punctured water tanks(hit by shrapnel).Some of you will remember we told you about Warda and her family.Already we have replaced damaged furniture ,fridge,windows,glass and doors,costing £3000.Other families are being helped to repair damage both inside,and outside, of their homes.


In recent months the Trust has been raising support for the Shepherd Society at Bethlehem Bible College as they celebrated their 25th anniversary of caring. An ongoing project in Zababdeh is the finishing of the top floor of the Family Centre into Guest Accommodation – we are working with the Dutch Tabitha Ministries in making this happen. Already the Trust has “bought” one of the rooms for $10K as a means of support. This is an exciting development in a very needy area of the northern West Bank. Love into Action has moved its ministry from the West Bank to Jordan due to visa difficulties and it is exciting to see how this ministry will develop in a new environment. Please pray for these ministries and others serving the Palestinians in these difficult days.

Link to our Shepherd Society page.   

   Link to our Love into Action page. 

   Link to our Zababdeh page.


Summer Graduation at the Day Care in the Family Centre in Zababdeh.

The children are moving on to kindergarten and although little it is a very special

day for them. All the mums and family members gather, nearly sixty people enjoy the occasion.



Children and their families at the Lighthouse School in Gaza enjoy a day of fun

with the Gaza “Magic Bus” of children’s entertainment taking their minds off the horrors

of the recent weeks of war. This will be repeated through the summer.

Your  recent gifts will be paying for  this support.







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