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Back in March of 2011 I was contacted by a young collector named Kyle from New Castle, Delaware. We agreed to trade helmet fronts. Receipt of my fronts was confirmed as they appeared on his site at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jD-afXpRO4M&feature=related. Following several delayed responses and excuses, his front was never received by myself. I welcome hearing from him if he can suggest a way to resolve this unfortunate matter. May i suggest that if you agree to a trade with this gentleman, that you await receipt of his item first, before mailing yours!




Back in May of this year (2019) I made contact via Facebook with a fellow fire helmet enthusiast by the name of Harry from Plainfield, Indiana. We agreed to exchange helmets and I shipped my helmet to him and he stated that he shipped his helmet to me. Three weeks went by and I messaged him asking if he liked the helmet i had sent him. He replied saying that he had not received my helmet and could I provide him with a tracking number. I had previously asked him if he would be O.K if I shipped my helmet to him via my countries standard air mail service. I replied saying that this standard service did not provide traking and asking if he had a tracking number for his helmet to me which I had not received. He said that he could and would provide me with his tracking number. To cut a very long story short and after many, many messages asking for this number, it has not been forthcoming. My last several messages to him have either been un-read or ignored. i will leave it there for you to make your own judgement on this fiasco..............

My message to you my fellow enthusiasts, before trading with this gentleman I would suggest that you receive his item first before shipping him anything in trade. I can provide further details if required. Please click on the 'Contact Me' link to the left of this warning.

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