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2009-2010 Meetings

2009 - 2010 Monthly Meetings

19 August        Visit to Dunrobin for a "Mystery Tour"

                          Meet at the Castle at 7 pm. 

                          Unavoidably cancelled - will be rescheduled!


2 September    Cape Wrath to Brora - a long walk home by Nick Lindsay

The monthly winter meetings got off to a great start with a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and informative talk by Nick Lindsay of Clyne Heritage Society on his “Long Walk Home from Cape Wrath to Brora”.  Nick’s digitally illustrated presentation is the account of a seven-day solo walking adventure in 2008, from the famous lighthouse at the north-west tip of the British mainland, right across the wild interior of Sutherland, back to his home in Brora.  He highlighted the abundant archaeology, beautiful flora and fauna and spectacular topography encountered, and the full story of his lone challenge in the stunning wilderness of Sutherland. This was an opportunity to see places which very few living people have actually seen, but which were well known and heavily populated prior to the Clearances 200 years ago.


7 October        Crofting in Rogart by Alistair Maciver

Alistair entertained the over 50 people attending the October meeting with a very knowledgeable discussion on crofting then and now in the Rogart area.


4 November    Days gone By by Malcolm Bremner

At the November meeting, Malcolm Bremner, Harbour Master at Wick and member of The Wick Society Boat Section gave an informative and enthusiastic talk and displayed a multitude of photographs of Wick’s illustrious herring fleet.  Malcolm, assisted by Tony Sinclair, displayed photographs from the Johnston Collection of the Society, which is the work of three generations of family photographers who captured images of life in Wick between 1863 and 1975. The Johnston Collection includes plates showing the boat builders, the coopers, rope makers, basket weavers, plumbers, shopkeepers and others in supporting industries and can be seen at  Wick Heritage Society’s Exhibition Centre.  Malcolm also talked about the Society’s restoration work on the Isabella Fortuna, a vessel intended for line and drift-net fishing, built by James Weir, Arbroath in 1890.  The vessel was purchased by The Wick Society in 1997 and since then an enthusiastic group of volunteers have been engaged in a continuous programme of renewal and restoration.  During the summer months the Isabella  Fortuna can be seen at Wick Harbour and in the winter is housed in the old Lifeboat Shed on the south side of Wick Bay.  An extremely enjoyable evening.  Father Mel Langille will be talking at the December meeting on Wednesday, 2 December, 2009 on “Nova Scotia Connections”.


2 December   Nova Scotia Connections by Father Mel Langille

will be rescheduled - Father Mel is ill - meeting as usual - we will now be showing new photos that have we have received in the last few months!


January          Ceilidh

An entertaining evening was had by all who attended with many traditional songs being sung and food being eaten and of course drinks being drunk!!!!!!


3 February      An evening with Donald Macdonald and Robert Beaton

Donald and Robert entertained us once again with their many stories of the village in bygone days - an evening that was not to be missed as usual.


3 March          Kirkton Farm - first part of the 19th Century

                        by Frances Douglas

Frances held the audience enthralled with her knowledge and history of Kirkton Farm - her notes are available for those interested.


7 April            Shandwick Stone and Portmahamock with Anne Barclay

                        CANCELLED - will be rescheduled


21 April          Visit to Dunrobin Castle - Mystery Tour (MEMBERS ONLY)

A splendid visit to the Castle to view some of the parts of the castle that are not normally on view.  Many thanks to Scott for his enthusiastic welcome and talk.


5 May             AGM followed by The Clearances 

                       by Dr. Rod Houston

Another excellent evening where Dr. Houston gave the audience many facts and figures to mull over and to add to the debate on the clearances.


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