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Booking form is after Woodcarving in this brochure. It cannot be filled in online, but can be copied , pasted and printed in another document or.---using the headings, send your details by email to gillianpaula8080@gmail.com along with bank transfer. I also accept your details on any writing paper, postcards, blank cards etc

For availablity, booking or queries, please contact Gill Webb on 07874604952 or the above email address.

General information

Newent Community School, our venue, is situated on the outskirts of Newent town, Gloucestershire. It has Arts College status and offers excellent facilities for our courses. Students will be pleased to know it has ample parking.

All courses are open to everyone over 18 years of age. Usually courses are limited to a maximum of 10 students to enable tutors to give individual attention to the members of the group. Tuition in the basics will be available for beginners, whilst those with  previous experience will be given opportunities to expand and  advance their existing skills.

Early booking is strongly advised because of the limited places available. Tutors will specify charges for materials where applicable,( payable  in cash on the day to the tutor),  in addition to course fees.

Prior to Summer School, students will be supplied with information about their    courses (if necessary ), along with suggestions on what equipment or materials they should bring.

Any course under-subscribed may be cancelled at the end of June but students will be contacted to choose another. Alternatively any fees will be refunded.  Should an      advertised tutor withdraw from Summer School, Gloucester Arts and Crafts Group  reserve the right to use a substitute tutor. In  such unforeseen  circumstances, no    refund will be made to students.

Your fees includes tuition and a mandatory service charge to the school. This covers  an excellent lunch,  varied menu , cooked by first class caterers on the premises, morning coffee and afternoon tea/coffee breaks with  homemade biscuits and cakes, site staff wages , cleaning contract and the hiring of the school rooms. Vegetarian food options are catered for as a matter of course. Please indicate if you require     vegan food. For other dietary requirements, only make us aware if there is a specific medical need, rather than a life choice. This will avoid time, effort and expense in the preparation of specialist food items if they are not eaten. Students are    responsible for  Insurance and safe-keeping of their own property.                  

We hope you have a happy and creative week.

Wire and glass fully booked

Bookbinding 3 fully booked 

Free motion embroidery  1 fully booked

Progressive pastels  fully booked

Acrylic  Projects          TUTOR—Jackie Garner        5 days

There are spaces still available. Don't miss out on this amazing course

Acrylics are endlessly versatile. In this course we will undertake one or two projects each day, each designed to showcase different methods, materials and techniques. Celebrating lustre, colour, impasto, layering, stencilling, glazing, spraying… Build on your existing skills and have fun discovering new ones. If you want to broaden your acrylics horizons, this course is for you. Suitable for all abilities, even if you are relatively new to acrylics.

There will be a small charge for materials used during the week


BOOKBINDING  1: SEASONS  creative Slipcase with 4 Seasonal Pamphlets

TUTOR—ANNA YEVTUKH-SQUIRE                                  1 DAY

Only a few spaces available. Treat yourself and  try this wonderful craft.

Join us for this creative bookbinding workshop with a pinch of collage to create a beautiful celebration of the SEASONS. Suitable for all levels of experience. Small charge for materials payable to the tutor on the day.



TUTOR—ANNA YEVTUKH-SQUIRE                                 1 DAY

Only 2 places left. Book up now. You will not be disappointed.

During this bookbinding workshop you will learn how to create two small leather journals using centuries-old medieval Long Stitch technique enhanced with contemporary touches. Your duo will be nested in a simple frame which will hold them together. Suitable for all levels of experience. Small charge for materials payable to the tutor on the day.






         Sorry  fully booked. Take a look at the other classes                 

BOOKBINDING  3: BEE & LAVENDER   Embroidered Leather Binding in a stylish box. 

TUTOR—ANNA YEVTUKH-SQUIRE                                 2 DAYS

This TWO DAY workshop is a mixture of bookbinding, embroidery and boxmaking , allowing you to dip into these three areas in one go. You will bind your book from scratch, embroider leather and create a stylish box to accommodate your beautiful creation which is based on the love of nature. Suitable for all levels of experience. Small charge for materials payable to the tutor on the day.





Botanical Art   -   Contemporary    in Graphite and Polycromos Oil based Coloured Pencil                                                                                             Tutor - Marilyn Hughes                                                         3 DAYS

A few places still available. Go for it. Learn a new skill and produce your own beautiful artwork.

In this course students will achieve drawing skills, mixing colours, composition and using solvent. The course is designed to build confidence, encourage accuracy, observation and composition for beginners and intermediate students. It also introduces students to the wonderful world of coloured and graphite pencils. The course will concentrate on combining both mediums in one composition using fruit, vegetables, seed heads and flowers. No water is used as these pencils are oil based.




CERAMICS  -Discover  your love of clay             2  DAYS

Tutor -  Caroline Gregory

Only 2 places left. Have they got your name on them?

Over two days students will be able to experience various hand building techniques: using rolled slabs, coils, pinching and modelling; and also methods of surface decoration by impressing and carving. I will explain the whole process and show the variety of items that can be made. Clay is a wonderfully malleable material that can be shaped and formed by hand with a minimum of tools. Pieces made can be fired in my own kiln at the end of the sessions (the first/biscuit firing), then students can either visit my workshop at a later date to glaze and decorate for the final firing, or I can apply glaze and return the finishes pieces. There will be a charge for materials and firing payable to the tutor on the day.



CHAIRMAKING   - LADDERBACK                                           5 DAYS

 Tutor - Phil Shipley    

Places are still available for this unique and satisfying course                      

Our main aim of this course is to make a quality ladderback chair in a week. The method is by turning legs and rails using tools called rotary planes and is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with some experience. The ability to measure in      imperial units will be useful. We will use Ash and the design of the chairs will be heavily influenced by the Gimson/Clisset/Shaker styles and can either be side or armchairs. All tools and equipment will be provided. Materials will be sourced by the tutor and will be payable to him  the during the course. Seats can either be rushed, seagrassed or shaker taped.



Dressmaking skills                                                          5 DAYS

Tutor - Lesley Graysmark 

Last year's students made the most amazing clothes for them selves. Come and give it a try. Such a satisying pastime. places still avaiable.                              

This course would be perfect for beginners and intermediate dressmakers. Learn how to  make up tops, skirts or dresses  and how to finish off  projects professionally. The course would be perfect for someone who would like more in depth understanding of the sewing machine and patterns.

Students to provide patterns, fabrics, machines and any haberdashery, for further    information please ring me Lesley on 07982233404






Tutor—Jamie Boots

Places are still avaiable for both courses. Book now or treat someone.

Join artist Jamie Boots for a two-day exploration into the nuanced world of graphite pencil art. This workshop delves beyond basic sketching, offering insights into the subtle techniques that breathe life into your creations. Participants will discover the art of manipulating pencil sharpness, pressure, and tones to convey the fine details such as fur, skin textures, and expressive eyes.  Over the course of the 2 or 3 days with Jamie's expert tuition you will learn and have plenty of time to practice new techniques to develop your drawing skills. All necessary materials will be provided at no additional cost, to use during the course. Course Suitability: For absolute Beginners – to Advanced.

Expanding boxes                                                              2 days

 Tutor - Sue Cheviot  

Almost full. Take the opportunity to make something, not only aesthetically pleasing but useful.                       

Come along and make this highly original 4 or 6 sided expanding decorative box, the ideal storage solution for sewing accessories, jewellery, make up or special trinkets etc. The boxes can be made from upcycled card and fabric and would look stunning in  any room. This 2 day course involves cutting out materials, using templates, glueing and a small amount of sewing and is equally suitable for the  complete novice or those with more experience. You will be provided with  card, glue, wadding and suitable accessories. You will need to bring some  non- stretchy fabrics  (new or recycled), approx., 1/2 a metre , for the outer box and contrast linings.  A small charge for some of the items provided by the tutor will be made. 

What you need to bring.

Fabric 1/2 tp 3/4 metre Outer Fabric, 1/4 to 1/2 metre lining fabric, - medium weight cotton or poly cotton is best, sewing thread to match, sewing needle and thimble if required, ruler, fabric and paper scissors, biro or pencil, clothes pegs wood or plastic. Other materials and equipment will be provided at a small cost on the day to the tutor.

Free motion embroidery 1:   An introduction for Beginners

Tutor - Claire Salmon                                                   1 day

Sorry class is full. Take a look at some of the other courses available.

Aimed at beginners, or those who have a little experience of free motion machine stitching but would like to build their confidence. The course will include: How to set up your machine for free motion sewing, including the opportunity to experiment with different Embroidery feet and threads. How to prepare your fabric- choosing fabrics, using stabilisers and working with an embroidery hoop. Free motion techniques - supervised practice exercises to help you master the techniques. In the afternoon, you will be offered a choice of  a creative project using your new skills to create a card, picture, or  small item such as a spectacle case or notebook cover.  Please also bring a basic sewing kit: dark coloured thread, scissors, pins. The cost of  materials for this course is £7.50 (payable  to the tutor on the day)

Contact Claire for  information  on equipment needed  cherryorchardcrafts@yahoo.co.uk  or look on our GACG website.


What do you need to bring? Please see end of Free Motion Embroidery  3 for details.

Free motion embroidery   2:    Stitched Bowls & Lanterns

Tutor - Claire Salmon                                                   1 day

Almost full. Book now to have this amazing opportunity.

This course is aimed at those with basic experience of free motion machine sewing. If this type of sewing is completely new to you, I would recommend taking my one-day introductory course first to learn the techniques and  practise your skills. The bowls and lanterns course will include: A refresher on free motion stitching techniques How to use soluble stabilisers to create three dimensional stitched projects. How to select suitable materials to incorporate into your 3-D design  Using an embroidery hoop with your sewing machine. Using metallic and specialist threads to add sparkle to your work. You will then create your own stitched bowl or lantern to take home.

The cost of materials for this course is £10  (payable to the tutor on the day). Contact Claire for  information  on equipment needed  cherryorchardcrafts@yahoo.co.uk  or look on our GACG website.

What do you need to bring? Please see end of Free Motion Embroidery 3 for details.

Free motion embroidery  3  D & M  a Stitched lampshade

Tutor - Claire Salmon                                                   1 day

Almost full. Book now to have this amazing opportunity.

This course is aimed at those with basic experience of machine sewing. The lampshade panel will combine creative machine sewing techniques, such as raw edge applique, pre-set embroidery stitches and free motion embroidery. If  free motion embroidery is completely new to you, I would recommend taking my one-day introductory course first to learn the techniques and practise your skills. The lampshade course will include: Raw edge applique techniques A refresher on free motion stitching techniques Using an embroidery hoop with your sewing machine.  Designing your own unique lampshade panel Using a lampshade kit to make your panel into a completed lampshade.  

The cost of materials for this course is £15, to include a 30cm drum shade kit (payable to the tutor on the day) Contact Claire for  information  on equipment needed  cherryorchardcrafts@yahoo.co.uk  or look on our GACG website.

What do you need to bring? If possible, you will need to bring your own sewing machine for this course. It is also useful to have the machine manual with you. Please contact the tutor in advance if you don’t have your manual, so that she can source one for you. If you are not able to bring your own machine, there will be a limited number available to borrow from the tutor. Please book as early as possible if you need to borrow one. If you would like to include free motion embroidery in your lampshade, you will need to be able to drop or cover the feed dogs on your machine (check the manual for how to do this on your particular model) If you have a free motion embroidery foot, or a darning foot for your machine, please bring that along too. There will be a range of universal fit embroidery feet available to borrow and to purchase. Please also bring a basic sewing kit: selection of threads, scissors, pins.


Hard Fabric Sculpture                          3 days              Tutor - Jackie Ginley

This unique and satisfying course is almost full. Come and try it.

Create an animal sculpture using polystyrene, newspaper, dowels and wire. Then cover and decorate it with fabric and Powertex to create a hard surface.  Then painting with acrylics and metallic waxes to give the appearance that you desire. You will learn lots of creative techniques in sculpting and painting. No experience necessary. You are welcome to bring pictures of animals or you can copy my sculptures. All materials provided at a cost of £30.  Please bring an apron and/or wear old clothes.  Powertex and acrylic paints do not wash out.


Indian Block Printed  Lampshade                                 1 day

Tutors— Nigel Ginley & Caroline Lambert

Only two places left. Are they yours?

Have a go at block printing and make a unique lampshade. There will be a huge number of Indian Blocks as well as a selection of fabric paints to use. The morning will be spent block printing your white cotton fabric and in the afternoon you will  be shown  you how to make up your lampshade.  You can choose between a 20 or 30 cm drum shade, which can be used for either a ceiling light or table lamp. No experience necessary. £20 for materials payable on the day.


JAPANESE CROCHET:   AMIGURUMI                             1 DAY

Tutor—Patricia McDowell

Very much on trend. Come and learn this addictive craft. Places available

Want to make an adorable toy or ornament?  Want to know how to use your crochet skills to get ready for “Christmas”?????The finished project will be what you make it. You decide.  Want to learn a new skill with hooks and yarn, or refresh a skill you haven’t used for a long time, then this is the place for you. The choice of things to make is only limited by our imagination, from tiny toys to games for all. We will learn and practice the basic stitches to get you going on your Amigurumi adventure .  There will be wool and yarns to practice with. but if you want to bring your own so you can continue your project after the day that will be fine. We will be adding rings eyes and bells and bows and all of these will be available for you to practice with and use.  All sorts of animals can be made with basic shapes. Make a cheeky pup, a leprechaun, a jelly fish or let your imagination run riot.  There will be a charge for materials payable to the tutor on the day.



LINO CUT PRINTING                                                    1 DAY

Tutor  - Tabitha Fedden

Almost full. Don't miss out. Or treat someone as a birthday present.

On this one day workshop all aspects of developing a linocut will be explored. Working from their own projects and designs, participants will be guided through each step of the process from transferring designs, cutting methods, registration techniques, inking and printing.  Our aim will be to produce a black and white print from a single block of easy cut vinyl. This will enable participants to explore how to create the illusion of mass and form through line and tone, whilst discovering the magic of linocut printmaking.  Students will need to bring,  apron or old shirt, rubber gloves,  pencil, eraser and biro pen and for inspiration  a  printed image - this could be a photo, sketch or art work etc. (We will be working to size 20 x 15 cms).There will be a charge of £8 for materials payable to the tutor on the day.



LINO REDUCTION WORKSHOP                                            2 DAYS

Tutor  - Tabitha Fedden

Almost full. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Find out how to use a single block of Lino to make a multicoloured print on this introduction to the ‘reduction’ method of making a Linocut. This technique uses successive layers of printed colour, with each layer a bit of image is cut away and then overprinted with the next colour. Thus as each layer is printed it reveals the colour printed before, building up to create  a multicoloured print. This is an  exciting way of thinking in reverse and working from light to dark.  Suitable for beginners and those with some experience. Working from their own projects and designs, students will be guided through each step of the process. Students will need to bring an apron or old shirt, pencil, eraser , rubber gloves and biro pen and for  inspiration a printed image, that can be easily broken down to no more than four colours, - this could be a photo, sketch or art work etc. (We will be working at this size 20 x 15 cms). There will be a charge of £10 for materials payable to the tutor on the day.

Macramé  MAGIC                                            1day

Tutor - Patricia McDowell

Very much in Vogue. A very satisying craft to learn. Book up now. Places available

Learn how to make a  make a  plant hanger, feather or heart wall hanging, that you have customised to your own design. Once comfortable with the basics, you will then  take your macramé wall hangings to the next level . Want to learn a new skill with cord, or refresh a skill you haven’t used for a long time, then this is the place for you.  The choice of things to make is only limited by your imagination, from tiny key rings to massive wall hangings.  We will learn and practice the basic knots to get you going on your macramé journey.  There will be cords and yarns to practice with, but if you want to bring your own so you can continue your project after the day that will be fine. We will be adding rings and beads to enhance your projects and all of these will be available for you to practice with and use. There will be a charge for materials payable to the tutor on the day.


MOSAIC    1:    FAMILY BUNCH  Workshop          1 day

Tutor—Rachel Shilston

This craft will give you a unique piece of artwork to treasure. Book now. Places available

In this 1 day mosaic workshop you will represent your family in a bunch of flowers using their birth flowers.  So join me for a fun, relaxing and inspiring day, creating a stunning mosaic, My wide collection of gorgeous vitreous glass tiles, ceramic beads, broken vintage plates will be available and I will guide you through the tips and techniques to create a beautiful mosaic. You will design, cut and shape your tesserae (tiles), & make a mosaic for indoor display, 30 cms in diameter,  using the ‘direct method’, (ready to grout. Suitable for beginners. We won’t have time to grout during the workshop, but a full demonstration will be given and you can choose from a selection of different coloured grouts to finish off your mosaic at home. Materials cost: £30 per person. What’s included: All materials and tools, including aprons & safety goggles. An information pack, comprising details on how to grout your piece.

MOSAIC   2:   HOUSE  NUMBER                    1 day

Tutor—Rachel Shilston

Be the envy of your neighbourhood with your own customised number plate. Places available.

Learn a new skill, make a memory AND have fun, by creating your own striking mosaic house number for your home. Join me and I will guide you through the whole process, using the direct method and a combination of colourful vitreous glass tiles, ceramic beads and mirror. My examples can be copied or you can use your own ideas. No experience necessary.  We won't have time to grout during the workshop as the adhesive will still be wet, but you will be given a short demo and enough grout to finish your piece off later. House number measures approximately 33cm x 19cm and is suitable for outdoors. Cost: £35 per person for all materials and use of equipment.


MOSAIC    3:      STEPPING STONE                             1 day

 Tutor—Rachel Shilston

A wonderful and unique piece of artwork for your garden. Only a few places left. Don't miss out.

Treat yourself to a fun, relaxing and inspiring time, creating a stunning mosaic stepping stone to brighten up your garden. You will produce a striking design that is guaranteed to give all year colour. You will have access to my wide collection of gorgeous vitreous glass tiles, ceramic beads, broken vintage plates and buttons and I will guide you through the tips and techniques to create a circular stepping stone in your favourite colours. You will , plan a design, cut and shape your tesserae (tiles), produce a mosaic using the ‘direct method’ (approx. 40cm  diameter) ready to grout,&  learn about the correct adhesives and grouts to use.

Suitable for beginners with  plenty of examples to  inspire you. We won’t have time to grout during the workshop, but a full demonstration will be given and you will be given enough grout to finish off your mosaic at home. Materials £38 per person to include— all materials and use of tools .

NEEDLEFELTED PICTURES                                                 1 day

Tutor - Jackie Ginley

Almost full. This is a lovely introduction to Needlefelting and one that you can continue at home.

Needlefelting is such a versatile medium and great to work with. When it comes to making pictures you can create wonderful 2D effects. In this workshop we will be making whimsical or fantasy pictures with pre-felts and wool roving. We will learn how to sculpt and shape using specially designed needles.  We will also discover the properties of different types of wool and how best to use them. 

No artistic ability necessary as we will not be portraying real life! Suitable for all abilities. There will be a charge for materials payable on the day to the tutor.


Polymer clay    1:    STENCILLING & STAMPING       1 day

Tutor   - Sally Boehme  

Come and try this exciting medium and make original items for yourself. Places available.

   Polymer clay is a malleable material that is baked in a domestic oven.  This workshop will show you how to stencil designs using pastels and stamp designs and embellish using metal leaf and pigments to create beads, buttons, coasters, jewellery and pictures, in fact any small flat item.  This workshop will introduce novices to the marvels of polymer clay and develop the skills of those already familiar with its addictive qualities!  Full step-by-step demonstration will be provided, along with a printed handout.  Suitable for beginners and improvers.  Approximate cost of materials: £8.


Polymer clay    2:     SPIRAL STAINED GLASS EFFECT cane 

Tutor   - Sally Boehme                                                         1 DAY

Almost full. Don't miss out.

Polymer clay is a malleable material that is baked in a domestic oven.  Available in a rainbow of colours, it can be mixed and blended to create beautiful effects.  A cane is a log of clay with a pattern running through it, similar to a rod of seaside rock.  Using bright, summery colours on a dark background you will learn how to use an extruder to create this beautifully intricate but easy to achieve design.  Lots of ideas will be demonstrated on how to use your cane to create jewellery, buttons and decorative pieces for any other crafts.  Full step-by-step demonstration will be provided, along with a printed handout.  Suitable for beginners and improvers.  Approximate cost of materials: £8.




Polymer clay    3:      Faux semi precious stones   eg. Labradorite

Tutor   - Sally Boehme                                                          1 DAY

This unique opportunity is awaiting your booking. Come and try it out. 

Polymer clay is a malleable material that is baked in a domestic oven.  Available in a rainbow of colours, it can be mixed and blended to create beautiful effects.  Using inks and textures on polymer clay you will learn how to create jewellery, buttons and other small pieces that imitate Labradorite, a semi-precious stone known for its magical representation of the Aurora Borealis.  However, you will be free to use any other inked colour combinations of your choice if you prefer. Suitable for beginners and improvers.  Approximate cost of materials: £8



Polymer clay    4:     Pretty Patterns with Polymer Clay: Stripes, Swirls, Feathering, Bargello and more

 Tutor   - Sally Boehme                                    2 DAYS

Something new to learn and be creative with. Give it a try.

Polymer clay is a malleable material available in a rainbow of (mixable) colours that is cured in a domestic oven.  You will learn how to use this versatile material to create a selection of pretty patterns: stripes, swirls, feathering, Bargello as well as beautiful patterns created from any leftover clay.  You will be shown how to make beads, buttons, pendants, earrings, brooches and card/fabric embellishments, along with a printed handout.  Suitable for beginners and improvers.  Approximate cost of materials: £10




PROGRESSIVE PASTELS                                                             5 days

Tutor—Jackie Cox

Sorry class is fully booked. Please take a look at the other courses.

Here are 5 days of experimenting and redefining what we know (or may not know!) about pastels and how to use them. On this course you will discover the many ways both dry (chalk) pastels and oil pastels can be used and the fascinating textures and effects that you can get when you mix them with other mediums. We will learn what happens with various techniques on various types of paper and other grounds. This is a course for both beginners and those looking to progress their art through using mediums that they already have and introducing experimental layering/ scraping back and mixing wet and dry media. All materials will be supplied for a small fee but please bring along any pastels/pencils and watercolours you already have.



Rope bowls  - Wondrous ways with Rope                     1 DAY 

 Tutor - Sue Cheviot

This is a novel craft that can be carried out afterwards at home. A wonderful way to make  unique Christmas Presents. A few places left.

Using different ropes and decorative thread/yarn you will learn the techniques of how to make bowls, coasters,  and many other items which can be further embellished with beads/wooden rings etc.  We will aim to finish up to 2 beautiful pieces to take home and hopefully inspire you to and experiment with  this lovely craft in the future. The tutor will make a small charge for materials used. 



Silk painting with wax                                              2 days

Tutor—Mary Day   

This course is highly recommended for those of you who wish to learn how to make a truly original item of clothing. An ideal birthday present for your creative friends. Some places left.  

Applying melted wax to silk is a lovely way to design patterns be they pictorial or abstract and great fun for those who don’t regard themselves as particularly artistic.  Lots of items found around the house can be used to create patterns as well as the specialist equipment associated with Batik.  Painting the silk can then take on your own creative blend of colours and more wax can be layered to create even more shades and tones as well as more pattern – a  great way to make your own one-off scarves, pictures or  cushions. A charge for materials used. To the tutor.  Go to  our  GACG website for further details regarding specialist materials  needed and costs.





Tutor—Caroline Lambert

In this two-day, mixed media workshop , you will be using wire, copper and glass to learn a variety of techniques from hand shaping wire, copperfoiling,  soldering and the use of patina to create a selection of flowers and  foliage which are based on the natural forms seen in hedgerows,  flower gardens and landscapes.    By the end of the second day, you  will have created your very own display of beautiful everlasting flowers. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as those with some experience . There will be a fee of £20 for materials payable  to the tutor.


Wonderful watercolour                                             5 days

Tutor—Clair Hodgeson

This course will teach you all about Watercolour. You will be able to create your own exciting paintings. Highly recommended. Book up now.

Daily projects working towards a final project that utilises the techniques and skills developed throughout the week. The idea is to introduce techniques and develop skills through practical sessions, creating a piece  (ie, pebbles, flower forms, landscape) using these techniques by the end of each day. Topics covered include materials, equipment, different kinds of papers and their qualities, composition,  mark-making, traditional and experimental  watercolour techniques, including masking and use of stencils, colour theory, combinations of watercolour and other media, such as pen & ink, using watercolour pencils and collage. There will be a  charge payable to the tutor for materials used, but if you have any watercolour paints, paper brushes etc., please bring them along.




Willow   -   Basket Making                              3 days

Tutor - Helen Lomberg

Almost full. Such a great opportunity to learn this centuries old craft. Come and give it a try.

Learn to use Willow to create a little Magic. At the beginning of this three day course we will have bundles of Wet willow Rods, and by the end of the three days you will be walking out with a basket over your arm. You will learn how to construct a basket around a round base, such as a  shopper with a handle, an Apple Picker's basket, a nest of three willow platters, an Ali Baba, a Log basket or an Umbrella Basket....

For those who have already worked a little with Willow, may I introduce you to the French Oval Base. Extending your range of possibilities.... We will be using a range of willows grown in Somerset. Buff, brown and steamed and also possibly Dicky Meadows and Flaunders Red. There will be a charge for materials to the tutor.   

Warning- Willow can be very addictive...

Woodcarving                                                                         5 DAYS

Tutor—Sebastian Burchart

Only 2 places left. Will they be yours? A unique and satisfying course.

Come along and learn this exciting craft. Wood carving is a form of woodworking by means of a cutting tool (knife) in one hand, or a chisel with two hands , or with one hand on a chisel and one hand on a mallet, resulting in a wooden figure or  wall plaque. Sebastian will teach you about tools, woods, practice how to properly hold the tools and how to use them. You will be able to make either a flower plaque or a wood spirit. All tools will be provided and there will be a charge for materials to the tutor on the day. Working with wood is a wonderful experience. Unleash your inner carvings.




Additional information.

GACG bank details

Glos arts & crafts, Natwest bank, Account number 69003009, Sort code 60-09-02.

Use reference : SS24 and your name as appears on booking form


Please bring cash for tutor materials,  The Marketplace, New Beginnings table and Raffle.

Also  a mug for your teas and coffees.

Summer school booking form 2024


Home Address



Contact number

GACG member number ( if member) 


Dietary  or access  requirements

Course fees    I enclose: (please circle as appropriate) 

Either   A non-returnable deposit

 Balance payable by  end of June 2024

5 Day       4 Day    3 Day      2 Day      1Day

£70           £60        £50        £35         £30


Or   full payment of  

£275*      £220*     £165*    £110*      £55*

          *(includes a non-returnable deposit)


Please complete the booking form and send with  Stamped Addressed  Envelope to

Gill Webb, 51 Riversley Road, Elmbridge, Gloucester GL20QU

Mobile  07874 604952   Email: gillianpaula8080@gmail.com


Either –cheque -  Payable to Gloucester Arts & Crafts group

                          (send with booking form, include SAE envelope)

Or  bank transfer  National Westminster Bank

                           Account Number  69003009

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Use reference : SS24 and your name as appears on booking form


Our ever popular raffle will take place on Thursday 25th July2024. Tickets will  be on sale from  Monday 22nd July,  £1  each until the draw takes place.     Donations of prizes will be most welcome. The draw will take place during the afternoon and prizes can be collected at home time.

The Marketplace  

The Marketplace comprises of a 5 day Arts and Crafts sale, where Tutors and students have the opportunity to sell their own original creations. This takes place in the main foyer. We  always have an amazing diversity of goods on sale. If you would like to sell your wares, bring them along priced and we will do the rest. 10% of the cost of the items sold goes towards GACG funds.

Art shops

We have the ARTWAY Ltd shop back again.  They will be in on  Tuesday 23rd July  and Wednesday 24th July– all day. For those of you have never seen them before, they sell an amazing variety of art and craft materials at very competitive prices, including wonderful books. They also sell items that you never knew you needed, but  must have them—or so I find.

Nicky Artworks will be selling art materials on Thursday 25th July.

New Beginnings Table

Donate your unfinished and abandoned arts and crafts projects to us and we will sell them at competitive prices to our students. All monies going towards GACG funds. A wonderful way to have a complete sort out and pick up new projects for the future. Just leave your donations at the front desk.

Gloucester Arts and Crafts Group

The first Summer School was held at St. Peter's High School and later at Beaufort Community School.  Since 2015 we have been at  Newent Community School, Gloucestershire. The organisation is carried out by volunteers, who do it to give others the chance of enjoying arts and crafts

Course  fees  for Summer School covers expert tuition, use of some specialist tools, all meals, drinks and refreshments.  Materials  can be supplied by the tutor payable to them  on the day. Classes are open to adults.  On average, we offer 25 different courses at Summer School.  We have charitable status, (Reg Charity No 1069039) and because  we are a non-profit making organisation, we are able to offer courses that are truly excellent value for money, taught by experienced tutors, who are accomplished artists in their own right.

Although the Summer School is our main event, we do have other activities including two one-day workshops in spring and autumn. These workshops are held at Maidenhill School, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

 A lot of our students are members of the group, but non-members are equally welcome.  Members receive early information about the Group’s activities, two weeks booking priority over non-members by receiving the brochure early , £5 discount for the One Day Workshops, an invitation to AGM– with visiting speaker and a newsletter.

If you would like to become a member, contact  Membership Secretary, Joyce Barrus,  Email joycebarrus@gmail.com

All booking forms, dates and information can be found on our website-


All courses     9.30—4.30

Your elected committee

 Gill Webb - Chairman,   Summer School Co-ordinator     and Online Editor

gillianpaula8080@gmail.com      07874 604952

 Phil Shipley - Treasurer

phil@philshipleychairs.co.uk - 07342 643334

Catherine Askew - Assistant to the Summer School                                 Co-ordinator and Minutes Secretary

Sue Cheviot - One Day Workshops Co-ordinator

Joyce Barrus  - Membership Secretary    

Kate Smith

Bev Allen

Nigel Ginley

Carol Blackburn


To read the Gloucester Arts and Crafts Cancellation policy, please go to www.spanglefish.com/gloucesterartsandcrafts

Meet our tutors

Jackie Cox

Jackie became a freelance artist in 1984 and since then has had many successful exhibitions in the UK, Germany and the USA. As well as regular local art classes, she also does demonstrations and workshops, both here and abroad.

Sue Cheviot

has been an avid arts and crafter from a very early age, and loves to share and teach the uplifting experience of making beautiful hand crafted items to people of all abilities. She is willing to have a go at most crafts and regularly sells her work at various craft fayres in Gloucestershire

Patricia McDowell

Lover of all things crafty. I moved to England from Northern Ireland where I taught in further and higher education across the whole age range from school leavers to ‘the silver surfers’. On landing here took up a position in Solihull College working with young adults who required additional help to allow them to reach their full potential. Now retired I can concentrate on doing what comes naturally (and run after a my beautiful grandson).

Jackie Ginley

Having recently left full time employment  Jackie now indulges her passion for all things craft. In the past she has been a toy maker and a hobby ceramics teacher.  She has a great deal of experience in teaching her crafts to adults and regularly sells at craft fayres

Phil Shipley

Phil was a teacher in the Design and Technology subject area for 30 years. He is now semi-retired, but still restores/repairs furniture and tutors chairmaking courses, as well as working on commissions from time to time. He has been a  Short Course tutor at West Dean College, Chichester and exhibits at Frampton County Fair  

Caroline Gregory

I have been a potter since 1975; first in Hackney east London and now in Ledbury, Herefordshire -where I have a large workshop both under and next to my home. My current work is mainly thrown stoneware pottery, but I have also at times experimented with and enjoyed hand building processes - coils and slabs and modelling -which can involve a much broader range of shapes.

I have taught in further education, projects in primary schools and at various festivals.  It is exciting to be able to enable others to discover the fun of making things with such a wonderfully malleable material such as clay. www.carolinebousfield.co.uk

Jamie Boots

Originally from New Zealand Jamie first exhibited his work in 2004 and turned professional in 2006.  With pictures taking up to four months to produce, only a limited number of originals are available each year.  Limited edition prints are available from a number of galleries throughout the UK.

Lesley Graysmark

Lesley has been sewing for a very long time and had her own business making up and marketing Leotards, Leggings, Crop tops, swimwear, in fact  almost anything in Lycra. She has been on numerous course including 2yr course in pattern drafting and cutting. overlocking courses to name but a few.  For the last 10 yrs Lesley has her own class which is thriving in Upton St Leonards.

Marilyn Hughes

Her love of flowers and gardens, together with  flower arranging and floristry skills, made possible the natural progression to Botanical Art. After using most mediums she found that oil based pencils with a mix of graphite to be her chosen medium. Marilyn has been teaching pencil for the past 30 years. Her superbly finite  detailed drawings have been admitted and exhibited nationwide.

Jackie Garner

 Jackie trained at Medway College of Design, is a former Education Officer at the Nature in Art Museum and is qualified in Further and Adult Education. She is a professional artist who specialises in portraying wildlife and is the author and illustrator of The Wildlife Artist’s Handbook. Jackie teaches and lectures regularly, exhibits locally and nationally and is a guest contributor to Leisure Painter Magazine. www.jackiegarner.co.uk (01453 847420)

 Anna Yevtukh-Squire

Anna is a member of the Society of Bookbinders, Designer Bookbinders and the local Guild of Designer Craftsmen, Anna studied art and bookbinding in Ukraine and has been utilizing these skills to build her handmade books since 1998. Anna has been teaching bookbinding and creative bookmaking workshops across the country and regular classes at Malvern Hills  College for more than 10 years.

Sally Boehme

Sally has worked in beads and polymer clay for over 25 years and taught for 11 years at       venues nationally.  Her work has been published in Vogue, Beadwork, Bead, WI Life and Making Jewellery magazines.  She also runs workshops at her home studio in rural Herefordshire, sells her pieces through several galleries and works to commission.( info@sallyboehme.co.uk, www,sallyboehme.co.uk) 

 Mary Day

Is a textile artist specialising in all things silk. She trained in embroidery and design at Loughborough College of Art and Design and in adult teaching at Nottingham University. She subsequently specialised in silk painting with embroidery, and has taught in local education authority classes, in residential colleges and, since 1985, in her own studio in Chipping Campden.

Helen Lomberg

has been a tutor for about 20 years, regularly teaching for Waterperry Gardens, The Women's Farm and garden association, Nature in Art and Highgrove. In 2010 she set up the Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre in Gloucester, where she teaches 4 times a week.

 Sebastian Burchart  

Seb started  wood carving in 2014 due to arthritis and become not only the best exercise for his hands but unleashed his amazing talent for working  with wood.. Since then he has never stopped.

He attends shows to demonstrate his skills  and is  member of the Wood Carvers Association formally (British Wood Carvers Association ) since 2016 .  He regularly teaches new members of the Association . He runs his own Etsy shop and sells his carvings all over the world.

Caroline Lambert    

has been working exclusively with glass for more than 25 years.  She teaches stained glass full time and in her spare time, she is a practising artist who continues to explore glass as a creative medium.    Email carolinelambertglass@gmail.com,  FB Caroline Lambert Glass, www.carolinelambertglass.com

Nigel Ginley

 is a familiar face at Gloucester Arts and Crafts events both as a member of the committee and tutor. He is a passionate crafter and along with his distinctive Fused Glass Jewellery, creates, exhibits, and sells a range of unique block craft items.

Tabitha Fedden

 is an artist and printmaker. She has a Masters in Fine Print from Wimbledon School of Art. In her studio in Gloucester, she specialises in relief print - wood, lino and card, stone lithography and collograph alongside drawing, painting and collage. Tabitha is an associate member of the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative.  See: website; https://tabithafedden.uk/ Instagram; @tabitha_fedden

Clair Hodgson
Rachel Shelston




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