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Ecce, quam bonum


" Behold how good and joyful is this thing

When Brethren dwell as one in.unity.

For there the Lord of Love, in promising

His benediction, offers life again."

Thou gavest, Lord, the opportunity—

And one has earned Thy gift, and one must still attain.


One, dying, blessed the other with a look

Fulfilled with brotherly affection ; then

Murmured his name ; and then the blessing took

Of everlasting life—The other one

Heart-broken stayed, since broken hopes of men

Will wither in the shade, when sets their happy sun.


Yet surely 'twas a golden coronet

On forty years of confidence assured,

That memory recalled no sorrow set

In riven friendship, or in faith's decay ;

Down all her brimming bank Love's river poured

To where the ocean of God's consolation lay.

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