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Water of Life

Gladly we think in this year of grace,

Swiftly the Streams of our being flow ;

Surely believe that a meeting-place

Waits for their kiss in the pools below ;

Gaily assert that their rapids run,

Rippled with laughter, to union.


Into my river tumbles a Stream,

Flashing, tumultuous, rainbow-set;

Happy reality, summer dream ?

Give me an answer, sweet Violet.

" Dream be real, and the bow above.

Heaven's benison over our love."


Into your river my waters fall;

Whither away does the current race ?

Under the shade of a grey church wall;

Out, and the sun on its happy face.

Echo of bells in an April sky,

" How shall the well-springs of love run dry ? "


Darling, I pray, when the Stream of Life

Passes afar to a silent sea.

That memory may recall no Strife

'Twixt crossing currents.   To you and me

May memory say what our hearts foretell:

" Life was a river of Love as well."

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