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Judge no Man

The Master rose and faced that fierce array,
Leaning upon His staff, with Steadfast mien.
His eyes had darkened as their glance had seen
The naked magdalcnc, and how she lay
Defiled.   " This girl," the Rabbi cried, " to-day
Is doomed to die ; yea, should ere this have been
Stoned i* the pit I Dost dare to intervene,
Or scorn the Sanhedrin ? Begone, I say I "
Then spake the Lord, " Let him throw first a Stone
Whose neart condemns him not," and speaking, bent.
And wrote.  Thereat woke shame, and fled the door I
Christ was alone ! save at His feet lay prone
A woman weeping, " Master, I repent f"
" Thou art forgiven," said He; " go! Sin no more 1"

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