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Welcome to fotoPhrame

Each day I live in a glass room unless I break it with
the thrusting of my senses and pass through
the splintered walls to the great landscape.

Mervyn Peake


Maybe it's because I am a lazy artist, but photography has always been a passion of mine since I was young. Going to college taught me darkroom techniques and stoked the fires even further. However, it was in the field of graphic arts that I was to eventually earn a crust, predominantly in theatre and publishing.

With the digital revolution fast overtaking, I eventually dumped my trusty old Pentax film camera for a Fuji S3 Pro and got me "out there" taking photographs again. I shoot in RAW and use Lightroom to convert and tweak the images. I still use Photoshop occasionally to further manipulate if necessary (and have a bit of fun, too!).

I would like to dedicate this site to Allan MacGregor who, forty years ago, was instrumental in trying to point me in the right direction.

Al Stewart, October 2011

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