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Welcome to Fandangle

We run an information database site that collects company data and displays it in a helpful and hopefully better way than Companies House.

So, what do I do next?

Over the next year or so we'll be expanding this site to bring you information on as many of the 3.1million companies in our database.

Please keep checking back regularly to see our progress.

We currently our developing a number of innovative features that will enable our users to create targetted lists of companies which they may be interested in.  For example a search of companies with a SIC code in a geographic location.  All this information is available free whereas many competitors charge a premium.

We use 26 different sources of information, the most important being Companies House in the UK, But also WHOIS information, VAT information from HMRC plus a load more!

We Don't provide advice, only information at present, though we are working to partner with more providers so company credit ratings and so on.

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