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Our Team & Partners

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Carlita Shaw BSc (Hons)

Evolve to Ecology Founder, Ecologist & Project Developer 

Carlita is an Environmental Biologist, Sustainability Project Developer, Independant Researcher and Writer, Radio Show Producer, Artist, Sailor and Alternative Therapist. Carlita believes that collaborating with other sustainability organisations, companies and indigenous communities to build 'Localized Sustainability', is the answer to core world problems which humanity faces today. Sustainability can empower individuals and communities,transforming humanity. Carlita founded several international environmental not-for-profit organizations. She collaborates with many people worldwide to create opportunities through project development, education, building sustainable communities. Contact: or


 Pascual Kunchikuy

Ecuador -Shiwiar Rainforest Conservation Projects

Pascual Kunchicuy is from Ecuador, he is Shiwiar and has done a great deal for the Shiwiar community to campaign for their land rights to preserve the rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin.  Pascual is Principle Co-ordinator of The Organisacion de la Nacionalidad Shiwiar en Pastaza, Amazonia Ecuatoriana and Manager of the IKIAMI Ecuador Expeditions . Pascual has collaborated with various organisations to create some pioneering projects to help Ecuadorian people fight to protect the rainforest from oil and other corporate exploits. Pascual is part of the The Shiwiar Rainforest Initiative, Pascual coordinated the project logistics from ONSHIPAE in Puyo. ONSHIPAE, IKIAMI and collaborating with Evolve to Ecology on our Shamans Apprentice Project, S.A.P . Contact: 

Chris Sanders Geo Scientist & Engineer

The Alternative Energy Company & Sustainable Angels

Chris Sanders is a CEO for a large alternative energy company, he is a Geo-scientist and Engineer and a Pioneer in Sustainability Building, Large Scale Tree Planting and Sustainable Agricultural Projects . Chris is currently working on a Humanitarian sustainability project Ground Water Drilling Projects for Haiti and Belize, part of the  Compassionate Patient Relief Initiative. Contact:



Alejendro & Barbara Batz-

Guatemala-ASCODIMAYA- Indigenous Peoples Rights & Education Project

Ascodimaya do extraordinary work for rural Guatemalan people with so little resources in Central America. Alejandro and his wife Barbara Batz are amazing people, their work  Spans from creating Housing and  Education oportunties for otherwise destitute indigenous people, to providing an awareness and education to indigenous communities on: Analysis of the Peace Agreement, especially of the Agreements on Identity and Rights of the Indigenous Peoples. The Agreement on the Agrarian Situation and Socioeconomic Aspects, The Agreement on the Establishment of a Commission for the Historical Clarification of the Human Rights Violations and the Violent Acts that have caused the population’s suffering (in relation with the compensation for the victims of war and the genocide, racism and discrimination that our country endured during war). Study of national laws and international treaties, Law of Urban and Rural Development. Contact: 



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 All projects on the Evolve to Ecology website were created, written & researched by Ecologist, Carlita Shaw BSc ( Hons) ©, 2010. 


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