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re the 'news' section...does that still count as legal tender?

Look forward to finding out who did it :)
Posted by Rob H on 24 May 2009
Its from Andy who recently joined the group.
Posted by Helen on 04 June 2009
Web site
Looks good, easy to walk around and I am pleased to see you used a photo of my taking! :o)
Posted by Andy Chipling on 21 May 2009
Easy to use and lots of useful extras, what more could we want from our website home!?

Posted by Rob H on 20 May 2009
Well done!
Helen !
The website looks great. Well done!L

Posted by Meena on 19 May 2009
New Website
New website looks good! Well done Helen.
Posted by Matt C on 16 May 2009
Thanks Matt, Im pleased with the new site.
Posted by Helen on 19 May 2009

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