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Aegean inspires UK artist

If you happen

to be on Chios

catch the “Veggera 2010”

group exhibit at the Calliope

Arts Space in Hora before

it ends on Saturday,

August 21, and look for Emma

Papadopoulos’s expressionistic

paintings of the

Aegean. A Cypriot artist born

in the UK, Papadopoulos is

interested in landscapes and

her series on Chios has been

inspired by her travels

throughout the Aegean.

Papadopoulos received a

diploma in general art and

design, followed by a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration

in painting from the University of Sunderland. Interested

in a career in art therapy, she then decided to study for a

Masters in Profound Disabilities. Since then, she has

taught painting at a further education college to people with

learning disabilities. “I found some individuals with disabilities

benefited from the support in general,” Papadopoulos

told Athens Plus. “When engaged in a creative

activity, there is the opportunity to feel a sense of purpose

and accomplishment. The focus now in Europe for individuals

with disabilities is on ability, as opposed to disability.”

Papadopoulos continues to paint and describes her

landscape portraits as a visual diary. “What incites me to

paint a specific landscape is its shape and form,” she said.

Certain shapes and textures inspire her work. For the Aegean

series, she was interested in the simplicity of the shapes of

the area’s architecture. In addition to her Aegean paintings,

Papadopoulos has painted the landscape of the coast of

northeast England. She said she had an “industrial image”

in mind when painting the coastal landscapes in England

and more of an idyllic one when painting the Aegean ones.

Whether in England or in Greece, there is something about

the coast that draws Papadopoulos and moves her to record

it in her art. “Interestingly, my landscapes in both the UK

and Greece are based on coastal locations,” she said. “That

may not be a coincidence.”

Whatever it is about coastal landscapes that captivates

Papadopoulos, it is visible in her Aegean series. With their

emphasis on geometry and warm colors, Papadopoulos’s

paintings have captured the lightness and aesthetic beauty

of life by the Aegean.

Lia Skalkos



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