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Female Kingfisher
Sunset Stick
Sunset Digging
Running Happy
Swimming in the Blue
Who's 'at?
Running - Chariots of Fire!
Happy Hunting Stones
Running Mad
Sukha Portrait

Welcome to my website

I am a wildlife photographer based in Hurworth, near Darlington. I've been sneaking up on the wildlife of the Tees for over 5 years now. My particular area of interest is Kingfishers, though a good photo can be of anything. Currently, I have a small selection of photos and cards that can be purchased.

I spend a lot of time outdoors. I have been walking my dog(s) for many years so have grown up in the country. Before I decided to take this up seriously, I enjoyed amateur photography, doing what I could with a digital compact (which still has many uses) and a camera-phone (which can still be very useful "the best camera is the one..." and all that). Other than any kingfishers I could get in the lens, my main subject was my dog while I was still learning the ropes. One of the things I love about photographing animals is they are not at all camera-shy. They don't feel the need to pose or act, so you see them behaving completely normally. This is, of course, also true with dogs. I have many images of my dog, some of which I have put on this site. If you or anyone you know are interested in having similar images taken of their pet(s), I would be very willing to do so. I would also be happy to do any other photography work. For either of these, or anything else, just contact me through the site. I hope you enjoy my website.



01 June 2013Shopping System / More Images

I've been working on a shopping cart system. It can be found here and also contains all my currently printed images. Feel free to give it a go. It's impossible to actually purchase anything as it's a prototype, but you can use it to send enquiries about images.

10 August 2012New Non-Stock Images

I've added a whole load of images to the non-stock section of the website. The section contains images that aren't currently in stock, but can be ordered. Alternatively, it is easy to vote for images to be moved permanently to the in-stock sections of the site.

02 August 2012New Home Page

As you can see, the home page now has this news section. Any updates to the site should appear here.

01 August 2012Cards

I now have a stock of Cards for sale. Not all my images are currently in stock, but they can be ordered.

24 July 2012Blog Entry "Kingfisher update"

I haven't seen much of the Kingfishers lately. I've been focusing on my local pair at Croft and so haven't seen the Connie pair at all. A parent and offspring were spotted this morning though at Low Connie, so it can be said they have raised one this year.

My conclusion for now on the Croft pair is that they have given up breeding for this year. There seems to be no localised activity anywhere on the stretch of river they operate on. I have seen, (mostly heard) them on a couple of occasions at both ends of where I think their territory is, and have followed up each with no luck. I did however at one point think they might be nesting up the Skerne after hearing and seeing them around the entrance to the Tees...

14 July 2012Blog Entry "Kingfishers Breeding"

I know two pairs of Kingfishers; "The Croft Pair" and "The Connie Pair". Currently I only have good photos of the Croft pair - 12 in total, 3 of which are available to purchase. They are all the same shot, so just different poses of the bird. I first discovered the nest of the Croft pair. It was May 14th when I discovered it. There had been a lot of activity around a particular area so I was going there early every morning to try to get shots. I switched sides of the beck and pretty soon, saw a Kingfisher disappear into a hole in the bank. I got a few shots of it that day, but couldn't return as I didn't (and still don't) have a schedule 1 licence, required to photograph Kingfishers at the nest...
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