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The Creative Co-Op is a group formed to establish a supportive community and network for all Creative people. What ever your Creative  outlet is; art,craft,design,paint,writing,music,singing,acting,
metalsmiths,glass engraving,silk painters etc etc etc …  

           Creative Co Op is for you!
We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex,England.
Everyone,where ever you are, is welcome to join in and share inspiration.


The Creative Co-Op is about Care and Share.

It’s about building a community spirit and a support net work for creative people.

Its about helping ourselves and others by coming together, working together ,sharing; not just costs and materials but also time,skills,ideas,inspiration,motivation,emotional and moral support,friendship,fun and laughter.

It’s about equality and having our voice heard, having strength and respect when dealing with the world of commerce and beurocracy.

It’s about the idea that 

Creative Co-op aims to raise the awareness of the Value in what we do. Being Creative is  a way of life.

That it’s OK to Be Creative and follow your heart.

The Creative Co-Op is a totally open Care and Share Community; non discriminatory, non racist, non sexist.
We are open to all whatever their skill levels, from beginners to master craftspeople, everyone is equaly welcome.

Membership is now FREE!
This include access to lists of events and information, access to data base, library and recources pool, gallery page on this site, social evenings/days and network moral support.
Our occasional news letter is free by email,or can be downloaded from here or our Facebook page.

To join, simply ask to join us on Facebook, or email me your details. Or you can down load a membership form,sample newsletter, and information about the Creative Co-op from the Library page.

We are an independant, non profit organization, and receive no public funding.The Creative Co-op is run entirely on a volunteer basis, by artists for artists.
If you would like to sponsor us,please contact me! Donations are always welcome.

We aim to raise public awareness of the huge diversity of creative talent we have in this County, and our country, that ‘homemade, hand made locally’ is good for everyone in our community.

We aim to promote awareness of the value of art, crafts and creative pursuits, the time and care it takes the cost of materials. Many people don’t know the difference in value between hand made and home made, individually created items and mass production.
Our arts and crafts are fighting against a rising tide of cheap imports and mass produced 'craft' items,which are 'hand made' but in a production line style by one person doing the same thing over and over; one person sticks the beads on, one person paints each colour of a pattern ect ect. Of course, they only get paid a pittance for this monotony. This has nothing to do with creativity.

Many people tend to think ‘hand made’ or ‘homemade’ is something they could do themselves, but if they actually tried they’d find they couldn’t or it was too much bother when they found how much work,time and effort was actually required!

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