Tomato varieties

Orders can be placed in advance, plants available from mid-April.


Ailsa Craig

Cordon, heavy cropping tomato, for salads. Old variety. Indeterminate.



Cordon, good cropping salad tomato. Established variety. Indeterminate.


Big Daddy

Large beefsteak tomatoes developed for growing in Northern Europe so should crop well indoors. Good disease resistance. Indeterminate.


Black Russian

Large dark fruits with a rich flavour, cold resistant, indeterminate growth.


Gardener’s Delight

Cordon, sweet cherry tomatoes, reliable variety. Indeterminate.


Lucciola F1

Cordon, good yields of small plum tomatoes. Indeterminate.


Malinowy Henryka F1

Large, raspberry red fruits, on strong plants, suitable for polytunnels. Lovely flavour. Indeterminate.


Red Alert

Bush, early variety producing abundant small tomatoes. Determinate.



Semi-bush, large plum tomatoes good for cooking, indoor cultivation only. Semi-indeterminate.



Cordon, with very sweet small golden yellow/orange tomatoes. Indeterminate.


Sweet Aperatif

Abundant sweet cherry fruits, on multi-branched trusses. Indeterminate.


Zlatava F1

Orange fruits, red inside, early and good for cold greenhouse. Good taste. Indeterminate.



Indeterminate plants need support and side shoots removed to encourage fruits to ripen and to prevent the plant becoming over ambitious! Determinates are bushy, require less support, and do not need shoots removed.



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