Hardy, evergreen architectural plants, differing in leaf size, cane colour and growth habit. Enjoy rich moisture retaining soil. Avoid very dry or wet soils. Bamboos can be grown in generous containers but are greedy feeders and must not be allowed to dry out - they do not wilt, they die. All are propagated by division, this is a slow process and restricts the number that can be offered for sale. 

No bamboos available by mail order. Prices dependent on pot size. 



Fargesia murieliae 'Jumbo'
Thickly growing bamboo with slender canes green, aging yellow, and plenty of foliage. Good in a pot where it will remain small. Clump forming, will reach 1.8m in a decent position and with lots of feeding! 

Fagesia nitida (previously Arundinaria nitida)
This bamboo has recently flowered and is no longer available.

Fargesia rufa 
A somewhat dwarf bamboo, with an elegant bushy habit. Plenty of slender green canes initially sheathed in pink. Small, numerous leaves. Good for containers. Prune out older stems if you want a more open habit and to reveal the colour on the new growth. Usually reaches 1.5m at most. 

Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis' - the Golden Crookstem bamboo 
Neat upright bamboo with slender dark foliage and golden canes, darker in the sun. Up to 3 m plus. 

Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis' 
A fantastic golden caned bamboo, with airy foliage. Tidy habit and rapid upward growth of thick canes. Very hardy. Best in open position to permit suitable admiration. Up to 5 m. 

Pleioblastus auricomus 
A dwarf bamboo. Slender dark culms bear broad variegated yellow and green leaves. Prune in early spring to ensure plentiful bright new foliage. Happy in a container. Mulch well for best results. Rarely reaches 90cm. 

Pseudosasa japonica - the Arrow bamboo 
A slowly spreading, clump forming bamboo with straight canes and broad, glossy leaves. Very hardy and wind resistant. Prefers sun, tolerates some shade. To 3m. In dry soils or warm summers rhizomes can travel some distance, prune off as necessary. 

Sasa palmata
An invasive bamboo! Beautiful broad leaves on a medium height bamboo create a real jungle feel. Strong rhizomes allow this bamboo to romp. Enjoys an open position. Very hardy and wind resistant. In winter the leaves will bleach towards the edges, this can make the bamboo even more striking. Height to 2m. 

Yushania anceps - Himalayan bamboo 
A vigorous bamboo with glossy, erect, thick green culms, and leaves branching in all directions, like an umbrella. Needs space to show itself off. Hardy, but can suffer wind burn, in a sheltered site can attain impressive heights, otherwise to about 2m. Forms a well behaved clump. 

Last updated: 18th December 2019

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