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05 November 2017Marshfield Community Land Trust Meeting 30th Nov

Marshfield Community Trust


A group has recently formed in Bath interested in alternative models of ownership and cooperative ways of working. We are planning to invite speakers along to talk to us about co-operative enterprises.

Marshfield Community Land Trust Talk

Our first speakers are from Marshfield where locals have set up a Community Land Trust (CLT) with the aim of building low rent houses that will enable young people to stay in the area thus strengthening the community. 

A CLT enables land to be bought and kept in community ownership in perpetuity, passed down through the generations. Houses are sold or rented out at a rate that is linked permanently to local incomes.

Thursday November 30th, 7.30 pm, Oriel Hall, Larkhall, Bath

If you are interested in attending, please get back to me. Also please indicate if you would like to be included on our mailing list for future meetings and events.

Contact Jane Samson <janeasamson@hotmail.co.uk> for details

31 October 2017Co-operative activities - notes from meeting 28th October

Co-operative activities from the meeting of the 28th October in the Friends Meeting House in Bath

It was a very energising day that 27 people participated in. In response to the question the following note was sent:

We can use this (site) to sustain our conversations and to let each other know what we are doing. At the top left of this site are the details of how to set up your own spanglefish website and you could circulate the url for your website with details of your co-operative activities. 

Some participants asked for a co-op membership form and it can be accessed from: 


You can access the statement of values of the International Co-operative Alliance from: 


List of suggestions and commitments to living our co-operative values as fully as possible. Do please share any co-operative activities in relation to the following:

i)  Responses to the question, ‘What are you going to do?’

ii)  Work with the Larkhall co-op forum on a community enterprise fair.

iii)  Raise awareness of co-op and related mutual in Labour Party policy making 

iv)  Working with  the Larkhall Group especially in relation to Community Land Trusts 

v)  To help develop operating policies for Community Land Trusts and Housing Co-operatives 

vi)  Setting up a Co-operative Book Stall 

vii)  Create A Face Book Co-operative Community Site. 

viii)  Starting a SKYPE Conversation Café  specifically for Adlerian psychologist using co-operative values. 

ix)  Linking with BaNES Council to encourage co-operative development 

x)  Working with young people to set up small co-operative Businesses

xi) Working with others to explore how we use website/social media tools to promote what we are doing, communicate with each other and to build awareness around co-ops. 

xii) Review Twitter for  co-operative interests 

xiii) Communicate widely, through education, co-operative business models 

xiv) Circulate information sheets on how to set up a co-operative 

xv) Set up a Bath co-operative investment fund 

xvi) Sustaining our communications as co-operators through Loomio 

xvii) Avoid undercutting rights and paid employment through excessive voluntarism 

xviii) Raising awareness of living co-operative values with a focus on WASPi women, young people working in the ‘Gig’ economy and care workers, including childcare. 

xix) Campaign to democratize pensions in helping to finance a different democracy.

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