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Download cMP²

Two programs comprise the cMP² suite – cMP.exe, a replacement for the Explorer Windows shell and cPlay.exe, a minimalist music player. See the cMP² manual.

If upgrading from an older version of cMP and/or cPlay, the old programs must be removed (Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs) before the new ones are installed.

There are two versions of cPlay. The first uses the SSE3 and SSSE3 instruction sets and does not run on processors that do not support these instructions.  For a list of compatible processors (which includes Intel Core 2 Duo processor series E1xxx, E2xxx, E4xxx, E6xxx and E7xxx), see here.

The standard  version runs on any processor with a slightly lower quality of sound.

•  Download the cMP² Manual

•  Download cMP.exe

•  Download cPlay.exe (SSE3-compatible)

•  Download cPlay.exe (standard)

•  Download freeware needed to implement cMP²

Page Last Updated - 14/08/2008

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