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List of Last Names
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Many of the names below are from my mother's family, not part of the CLAY family, so they will be deleted when I get round to it.

The names below will (when I have time) be Links to their place in the Family Tree.

Cabbell, Margaret Gordon Bond
Cade, Richard
Caistor, Keen
Caldwell, (Louisa) Esther
Calton, __
Calvert, John
Camden, ______
Camden, ______(1)
Campbell, Rev. _____
Campbell, ____
Cancellor, Mary Eleanor
Capotte, Hastings
Carden, _____
Carew, Sir Richard
Carey, Daphne Fanshawe
Carleton, George
Carmichael, Sibella
Carmichael, Sir Walter
Carruthers, Douglas
Carse, Andrew Duncan
Carter, Agnes
Carter, David
Carter, Harold
Carter, Heather
Carter, Jill
Carter, Joanna
Carter, John
Carter, Philip
Carter, Rev. J Holderness
Carter, Susan
Carter, Timothy
Carter, Wendy
Carver, Major R.
Carver, Sally
Caswall, Alfred
Caswall, ___
Caswell, Gertrude Winby
Cattley, Jane
Caulcott, Anthony John
Caulcott, James Anthony
Cavanagh, Mary
Caverley, Ann
Cawley, Rev. Dr. Ralph
Chambers, Alberta Maitland
Chambers, John
Chambers, ____
Chandler, Caroline
Chandler, Richard
Chandler, Roger
Chapman, Matilda Olivia
Chapman, Patricia (Agnes)
Chapman, Susan (Caroline)
Chapman, Thomas
Chapman, Thomas(1)
Charnells, John
Chatfield, Dorothea
Chaworth, Maud
Cheeke, Jane
Cheese, Albert
Cheese, Alfred Edward
Cheese, Bertha Frances
Cheese, Emily Helen
Cheese, George Owen
Cheese, John Ethelston
Cheese, Rev. James Albert
Cheese, William Gerard
Cheeseborough, Gwendoline
Chichester, Jane
Child, John
Chitty, Charles William
Chitty, _____
Christie, Archibald (Beau)
Christie, Caroline Patricia
Christie, Nicholas Archibald
Churchill, Mary
Churchill, Winston Spencer
Churton, Rev. E.
Clarell, Joan
Clarell, Richard
Clark alias Webb, John
Clark, Constant
Clark, Easter or Hester
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Harriet
Clark, John
Clark, John(1)
Clark, John(2)
Clark, John(3)
Clark, Laetitia
Clark, Laetitia(1)
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mary Malvina
Clark, Mary(1)
Clark, Maude
Clark, ____
Clark, ____(1)
Clark, _____
Clarke, Ivor
Clarke, Ivor(1)
Clarke, Juliana
Clarke, Michael
Clarke, Michael(1)
Clarke, Philippa
Clarke, Phillipa
Clarke, Timothy
Clarke, Timothy(1)
CLAY, Gillian appears here as a daughter, and here as a wife.
Clements, The Lady Louisa Frances
Clewer, Robert
Clewlow, Rev. ____
Clies, Frances
Cliff, Mary Catherine
Clifford ne Haggie, Peter (Frazer Sinclair)

Clifford, (Peter Roland Henry) "Rollo"
Clifford, Anna (Jennifer Pauline)
Clifford, David (Sinclair)
Clifford, Henriette
Clifford, Henry (Francis)
Clifford, Jessica (Hilda)
Clifford, Peter (John Nathaniel)
Clifford, Phillipa
Clifford, Roger, Lord
Clifford, Sarah (Jane)
Clisby, Alice
Clissold, Daniel
Clissold, ___
Clodshall, Elizabeth
Clodshall, Richard
Close, Very Rev. Francis
Clunies-Ross, Betty Propsting
Cobb, Winifred
Cockburn, James Chandos
Cockman, Alan
Cockman, David
Cockman, Maureen
Cockman, N.E.
Coffin, Sarah
Coke, Florence E. C.
Coker, Elizabeth
Coker, Sir Robert
Coles, Eveline
Collingwood Maughan, John Sale
Collingwood Maughan, Jonathan Mortimer
Collingwood Maughan, Melanie Maddison
Collingwood-Boots, Charles Mortimer
Collingwood-Boots, Hamish Alexander
Collingwood-Boots, Harvey Alexander
Colte, Joan
Colvile of Cleish, Grissell
Colvile of Cleish, Robert
Colvile of Cleish, ____
Combe, Marjorie
Comber, Auriol Marian
Comber, Celia Graham
Comber, Peter Denison
Comber, Philippa Margaret
Compton, Eleanor
Compton, Elizabeth
Compton, Rev. Paulet M.
Compton, _______
Comte de Feuillide, Jean Capotte
Conacher, Alma (Robina)
Coningham(Conyngham), Anne
Coningham, Rev. Alexander
Coningham, Sir Albert
Coningham, William
Connor, Samuel
Constance, Major ______
Conway, Elizabeth
Cook, Dorothy Alicia
Cooke, Henry
Cooke, Phyllis Anne
Cooke, Samuel
Coombes, (John) Edwin (Henshaw)
Coombes, Agnes (Ann)
Coombes, Gertrude (Gerda)
Coombes, Rev. Herbert Edwin Henshaw
Cooper, Ann
Cooper, Cassandra Louisa
Cooper, Edith Cassandra
Cooper, Edward Warren
Cooper, Elenor (Ellen)
Cooper, Frederick Leigh
Cooper, Gislingham
Cooper, Isabella Mary
Cooper, Jane
Cooper, Jane Elizabeth
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Rev. Dr. Edward the elder
Cooper, Rev. Edward Philip
Cooper, Rev. Edward the younger
Cooper, Rev. Henry (Gisborne)
Cooper, Rev. Philip Arden
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Robert(1)
Cooper, Sophia Mary Leigh
Cooper, Susanna
Cooper, Susannah
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Warren
Cooper, William
Coppin, Edmund
Coppin, ______
Copping, Henry
Copping, Katherine
Corbet, Elizabeth
Corbyn, Andrew
Corbyn, Zoe Rose
Corfield, Christopher
Corkery, Catherine (Picton)
Cornthwaite, Ann
Cornthwaite, Mary Mavera (?)
Cornthwaite, Rev. Thomas
Cornthwaite, Wilhemina
Cornthwaite, William
Corrie, Emma
Corrie, William Byron
Cotes, Mary
Cotton, Alathea
Cotton, Alathea(1)
Cotton, Catherine
Cotton, John
Cotton, John(1)
Cotton, John(2)
Cotton, John(3)
Cotton, Mary
Cotton, Michael
Cotton, Richard
Cotton, Robert
Cotton, Sarah Louisa
Cotton, Susannah
Count de Blois, Stephen
Count de Provence, Alphonso
Count de Provence, Raymond de Berenger
Count of Anjou, Geoffrey Plantagenet,
Count of Boulogne, Eustace III
Count of Flanders, William the Clito
Count of Hainault, Jan of Avesnes
Count of Hainault, Willem III
Count of Laon, Heribert
Count of Normandy, Richard I the Fearless
Count of Senlis, Hubert
Count of Vernandois, Herbert
Countess of Holland,
Countess of Perche,
Couret, Madeline
Courthope, Barbara Frances
Courtown, Earl of
Cowdrey, _______
Cowell, Magdalene
Cowie, Mary Loiusa
Coxon, Ninian
Coysh, Lara
Cradock, Elizabeth
Crallan, James
Crallan, Margaret Elizabeth
Cranston, Alexander
Craven, John
Craven, ___
Crawley, Catherine
Crawley, E.
Crawley, George Abraham
Crawley, ___
Crawley, ____
Crellin, (Elizabeth Mary) "Buff"
Crichton, John
Crichton, Margaret
Crofts, Fanny (Charlotte)
Crompton, Henrietta Olive
Cromwell, Edward, 3rd Baron
Cromwell, Gregory, 1st Baron
Cromwell, Henry, 2nd Baron
Cromwell, Hon. Anne
Cromwell, ____
Cross, Eleanor
Cross, Robert
Culling, Christine Anne
Cummerfield, Ellen
Cummin, George
Cunningham, Helen
Cunningham, ___
Curtis, William Cotton

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