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Celtic Neath

Is there an alternative British History?

Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett have been researching British History for over 30 years and they have uncovered compelling evidence that what we are taught at schools may not be the truth.

Wilson and Blackett claim that the ancient Welsh people, the Cymric were originally called the Khumry who were the lost tribes of Israel. Incredibly they also claim to have deciphered "undecipherable" Etruscan inscriptions because the alphabet is an older version of the Coelbren alphabet used by ancients in Britain. They also claim to have used this language to allow them to interprate evidence indicating the tribes brought the Ark of The Covenant to Britain where it may still reside and they believe they know where it is. In addition they have pinpointed a place where they claim the Holy Cross (Christ's cross) is hidden behind a wall in a Welsh hillside


It would pay anyone interested in the ancient history of Neath and district to look up the works of Wilson and Blackett. A fascinating journey into the work of two men who have done more in their lifetimes to uncover the true history of Wales and been ignored more than many of us could ever believe.


Published works:

Arthur, King of Glamorgan and Gwent (with Baram Blackett, MT Byrd Partnership, 1980)
Arthur and Charter of the Kings (with Baram Blackett, MT Byrd Partnership, 1981)
Arthur The War King (with Baram Blackett, MT Byrd Partnership, 1982-3)
Artorius Rex Discovered (with Baram Blackett, MT Byrd Partnership, 1986)
The Holy Kingdom (with Adrian Gilbert and Baram Blackett, Bantam, 1998)
King Arthur Conspiracy (with Grant Berkley and Baram Blackett, Trafford, 2005)
Moses in the Hieroglyphs (with Grant Berkley and Baram Blackett, Trafford, 2006)
The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant (with Grant Berkley and Baram Blackett, Trafford, 2007)



We have added a little more to tempt you to look further into your own history with More Wilson & Blackett at the menu on the left.

The Myths and Legends
that surround the ancient town of Neath

Here we try to find out where it all began, what was Neath like in ancient times, why does it deserve saving?

We uncover facts that are likely to make Neath even more attractive than it already is.   However, this depends on what follows on from our research and determination.

Lets hope the authority which holds the mighty sword of power has the foresight to work for the benefit of the town and surrounding area and the  people who live there.

It is more than a dream to see Neath thrive as the result of the research that has gone into this website.  

It will be up to those with initiative to bring this website to the attention of the people who have the power in tourism and up to the hotels in the town to prepare for visitors and promote Celtic Neath with pictures murals and supporting hand maps and guide leaflets.

Many people in America would love to experience our heritage and see for themselves what we appear to take for granted.

Let this website be a wake-up call and the start to replace the lost industries of the past with the history of a by-gone age - an age that has a magical mystery, an age that can help to restore Neath in a way never imagined.



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