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 Village Hall Management Committee

The Members of the Management Committee shown below, kindly give freely of their time in order to ensure the smooth running of the village hall for the local community.

Our biggest aim, in the short term, is to improve the facilities offered by the hall and in this way preserve it for future generations.  We would therefore like to invite local residents and businesses to help us in this aim in whatever way they can.  That may be in terms of expertise or time or financial sponsorship by way of donations or by advertising.

For those who do we will be pleased to acknowledge that assistance either here, in the case of individuals or by way of an advertisement in the case of businesses.  If you feel able to assist then in the first instance please contact the chairman David Blincow.


Chairman & Trustee David Blincow 01953 488 495
Vice Chair & Trustee Malcolm Valentine 01953 483 440
Secretary Sue Tanner 01953 488 155
Finance Officer & Trustee Frank Brown 01953 488 111
Funding Officer John Hill 01953 483 701
Facility Manager Steve Farmbrough 01953 483 777
Executive Member Kay Farmbrough 01953 483 777
Executive Member Stephanie Blincow 01953 488 495
Executive Member Brenda Southgate 01953 882 338
Trustee Francis Ulrych  
Trustee Bridget Hall  
Trustee Steve Hendri  
Trustee Graham Penfold  


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