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Welcome to the Campaign for Cat Hill website


EVERY FRIDAY FROm 7pm is NEWTFEST. Live music from local bands. Join us. FREE! 



The blockade is going well and we are achieving successes. 3 breaches in the Natural England licenses have been identified forcing NE to make an unprecedented second visit to the site. Further breaches in the planning conditions have also been identified and Enfield Council have dealt with these.



L&Q have started to fell trees on the site and we are told they plan to start demolishing from next Monday (10th February). 

Although planning was granted there were 60 conditions to that planning. One was that liceses had to be obtained from Natural England for the protected species (newts and bats). The licenses were granted but a condition was placed on them. NO WORK could be undertaken on site until a newt proof fence was erected and a sweep of the whole site for newts was undertaken between March and May. None of this has been followed. No fence has been erected, any sweeps now are useless as the newts are still hibernating. What L&Q are currently doing is a criminal act which I will be pursuing further. They are circumnavigating a directive from the government controlled Natural England!

Enfield Council say they cannot enforce this condition (!), planning enforcement say they cannot enforce it either (!), Natural England say it appears there has been a breach and they are investigating it (!). If we dont stop them in the next week they will have successfully destroyed 10 acres of Ancient woodland and all the wildlife that exists there. Then it will be too late. We must act fast...and NOW

We are blockading the site daily (Cat Hill gates, 8am-5pm) and are being joined by environmental activists from all over the country. Please join us!

please also email Richard Laws and insist Enfield Council take their duty to us seriously and enforce the condition placed on L&Q by Natural England.

Tel: 0208 379 3605

Thank you all and I hope to see some of you next week!




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