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ladies and gents,
 members this weeks meeting on the 22.03.2020 has been cancelled.
this is due to the corona virus.
after phone calls and e-mails between the committee it was decided to
cancel meetings
until august, members will be informed of the date for the august
meeting near the time.
regards joe.
Posted by on 17 March 2020
Willie McLaughlan
Good Afternoon,


Sincerely hope that you don’t mind me contacting you in this way but I am hoping that you may be able to assist.

I have a friend here in Biggar who is the Daughter of Willie McLaughlan MM. She doesn’t have a single photo of him and has asked me to help to locate one which she can show her children and grandchildren.

Willie was a Sergeant Instructor on a Lowland Brigade cadre I did at Dreghorn Bks in 1962 and I am hoping that there are Cameronians out there that may have a photo of him that could be copied. If there is then I will cover any expense incurred.

Hoping that this makes sense and that you can help in some way.


Kind Regards,

John Sands, former Royal Scots and good friend of Maxie Macdonald.

Posted by John Sands on 24 June 2019
Families Organisation Meeting.
next meeting is on 25th of November at 2pm Tannochside Olde Club, Old Edinburgh Road Tannochside.
Posted by Douglas Torrance on 02 November 2018
Brief Announcement by Lt Colonel L.P.G Dow (C.O. 1st Btn) to The Commander in Chief in Scotland, that the moment had come for the 1st Battalion to be disbanded.

" We have to go now ,Sir! It is time for us to go."

Posted by on 02 May 2018
Final preparations are on going the cairn will be cleaned but not 100% due to me finding weather damage to the pointing this will be rectified soon but not before the 13th this was unforseen but due to the location and weather wear and tear take its toll please note that the week leading up to the 13th there will be wet paint on the fence BEWARE OF THIS.....take note that the corner flower beds will beds striped of all memorial crosses thsee will be replaced by new ones at the service..only 2 memorials will be left in situ as these have been placed privately
I wish to thank Mr Alec Maxwell for his time and dedication on making the replacement crosses also for the making of the table lectern for Col Clelland sword PLEASE if visiting the cairn week prior to conventicle I would apreciate if you did not leave any flowers or other memorials as they will be removed before hand but will be replaced after the service thank you all for your cope ration on this hope that those who attend the day will enjoy themselves

Robert Mitchell ...F.R.EMT
Posted by on 02 May 2018
No Title
Posted on 15 April 2018
Cameronian Day.
Posted on 12 March 2018
No Title
Posted on 12 March 2018
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