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Cameronian Day 2018.



Monday the 14th of May 2018 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Disbandment of The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

Cameronian Day was marked on Sunday the 13th of May, as ever the event took place around the village of Douglas South Lanarkshire where the regiment was both raised in 1689 and Disbanded 1968.

Updated News regarding the events of the day will be posted on the site as we confirm and have arrangement in place.

The website will be kept open by The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Families Organization to keep the memory of The Proud Regiment Alive.

Many thanks to all those who made the day great and by donating their pictures to us lets those who were unable to be there enjoy the day.


Brief Announcement by Lt Colonel L.P.G Dow (C.O. 1st Btn) to The Commander in Chief in Scotland, that the moment had come for the 1st Battalion to be disbanded.

" We have to go now ,Sir! It is time for us to go."

The reply by Lieut General Sir Derek Lang Commander in Chief, Scotland to Lt Colonel Dow.

"Colonel Dow, I must conform to instructions I have received, and with great regret, give you permission to disband."






Revd Donald MacDonald much loved former chaplain in India for many years to each of the regular battalions in turn

" … So put pride in your step Cameronians! As you march out of the Army List, you are marching into history, and from your proud place there, no man can remove your name, and no man can snatch a rose from the chaplet of your honour.


Would you approve of how the tree has grown?
I like to think so. You bequeathed your own
Love of a harassed land and honest cause,
Love which without advertisement or pause
Inspired a hundred Clelands less renowned
And warms platoons of Thompson's in the ground
Men who have walked this road and shared this view.

Campbell and Lindsay forged the sword with you.
Lit by your pride they handed on the text,
Each generation shaping up the next.
Lindsay and Campbell finish it today.
Axed lies the tree. Now put the sword away.
No old forgetful age will end our story.
Death cuts our days, but could not stain our glory.

Written to the first Commanding Officer William Cleland (fell at Dunkeld 21 August 1689) by the last at Douglas, 1968, Lt Colonel Leslie Dow.


Film show on YouTube of the day from pictures of many contributions, too many to thank individually.












"No old forgetful age will end our story,

Death cuts our days, but could stain our glory."


Any man should be proud to say -

"I served in The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)"



A big thanks from all members and Old Cameronians to those who have helped with both time and donations to Cameronian Day on the 13th of May. The Lottery fund, 1 Scots (1st Btn Royal Regiment of Scotland). The Royal Regiment of Scotland.


Yesterday 10 April final preperations were put in place for the 50th aniversary of the disbandment thanks to the Royal Regiment of Scotland for their co operation in this for those attending the cairn please note that there will be traffic restrictions in place from 13 15 hrs please be at the cairn brfore this time due to parade that will follow the disbandment route anyone wishing or thinks they are capable of parading the route or part thereof please contact me by ASAP 

Parade route as follows
Addison drive 1300 for 13.15 March off
Main St
Blue tower
Crabtree st
Main St
Enter Douglas and Angus Estate to proceed to cairn 13 50 approx

It is hoped that forces personnel will participate in the parade

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event also thank you for your cooperation on the above restrictions


The day went well, a big thank you to all those who helped organise the day. 

A short film of many pictures from kind donations.



Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Families.


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