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Wedding of Andy & Beth

bugsplat films wedding videographer

When Joe approached me with the idea of having a videographer at our wedding, I was initially unsure of the idea purely because wasn’t sure of how if the guests would mind. However, even before the ceremony started it quickly became apparent this would be no more of an issue than having a photographer.

Joe arrived in plenty of time and is a charming, slightly cheeky lad who will instantly put any bride at ease. As the groom, it was a lovely surprise to be able to see the bridal party getting ready and be able to look back and see my wedding from a different perspective.

Because Joe was there in plenty of time, he managed to capture all sorts of footage like preparations for the reception, the church grounds and interviews with the guests. This made all the difference to the final product.

There are two main reasons that made Joe stand out as a videographer to me.
1. The sheer amount of footage Joe acquired during the day. This allowed him to have plenty to select from when making the full length DVD. It looks like we had a video crew there!
2. The editing skills he used were fantastic. He waited until he had our wedding photos before finishing the edit. I wasn’t sure why but it really made a difference to our film. He also added credits at the end with photos of all the main wedding party.

We are so pleased Joe did our wedding video, it went way beyond our expectations. We were both crying and smiling ear to ear when watching it back! Thank you Joe we can highly recommend you to anyone who is considering hiring him!

Beth & Andy Smith

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