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I have enjoyed exploring these familiar, but sometimes strange images of popular Scottish culture. The way in which a nation chooses to depict its cultural traditions, and projects these to the world, can involve complicated and sometimes dubious processes.

I have lived most of my life in the Highlands of Scotland but continue to wonder at the images of ourselves that we offer.

The subject matter of the "Teuchter" artworks consists of distanced images from the printed and electronic media, translated into paint, giving me the opportunity to explore form, pattern and colour while creating a visual essay into our popular cultural iconography.

Teuchter (pronounced chew-ch-ter or chu-ch-ter with the middle 'ch' sounding as the Scottish word loch) is a Lowland Scots word used mainly for Northern, Highland Scots, or Doric speaking Scots, although sometimes to any rural Scots by urban Scots. In Glasgow, it can often be used to refer to a person from another part of Scotland if the latter carries a distinctive accent. Like most such cultural epithets, it is often offensive, but is sometimes seen as amusing by the speaker.  Wikipedia

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