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Thank you for your visit to Atnbru in July, it was marvelous to listen to your stories! Hope you had a safe trip home!

[Our grateful thanks for a truly memorable trip!]
Posted by Gerdine on 27 July 2014
I enjoyed reading "Journey to School" [on the New Stories shelf in the Library at]. I traveled from Lusaka to Johannesburg many times in the 1960's and share similar memories - particularly sardines and condensed milk. My brothers in the late 1940's used to travel by bus from Abercorn to Mbeya in Tanganyika - they too have amazing memories.

I loved the anecdote about your mother "being lucky as I always am." When we were in Mongu your mother informed us that whenever she was "cold, hungry, wet or whatever" she just imagined that she was "warm, dry, well fed, etc!" With that approach you are always lucky!

My dad, Bim, was vet in Mongu from 1958 to 1960 when you dad was RC. He was responsible for the government horses. Your sister Jill was a keen rider. Mongu, of all the places I lived in NR, is a jewel in my memory.

Buz (Mark) Trevor

[Thank you, Buz]
Posted by Buz Trevor on 05 February 2014
with thanks
thank you for a very informative site on Betty's life. As an International consultant for Queensland Lone Region in Australia this has been very informative and helpful - a great site.

[Thank you, Paulette. See also]
Posted by paulette huggins on 22 November 2012
Betty Clay - Pax Lodge
Some years ago as a Guider in Somerset, I was fortunate to be able to go to Pax Lodge where Betty dedicated the foundation stone. I and two more Guiders shared a room with Betty. I woke up early in the morning and Betty was sitting up in bed writing letters.

She also presented me with my Campfire Leader's Certificate at the opening of Somermead our campsite, and on a never-to-be-forgotten occasion, she opened our shower block on the campsite dressed in a plastic mac and wellies!

[ Thank you, Jane, for that memory !
I have found her diary entry for that day, and put it into the "Library" under "Images / Diaries / 1998" - I'm afraid you're not mentioned, sorry !

Posted by Jane Thorne on 14 November 2010
Livingstone Memories
Congrats on the web site.
I lived in Livingstone between October 1952 and February 1954. Betty Clay was the prime mover in organising "Correvue" for the Queen's Coronation and in persuading me to do a "Sam" monologue for it. I still have the programme and also the programme for the performance of the Messiah by the Livingstone Choral Society as well as a couple of photos of the group including both Clays. I remember visiting your house to rehearse the monologue with your mother. Will dig these ancient relics out and scan them for you if you are interested.


Harry Shirley
Posted by Harry Shirley on 13 July 2010
Thank you; and Yes, please !
Posted by Robin Clay on 13 July 2010
I wonder if you have received the e-mails and attachments I sent to your EthelBerta address. They comprised the "Correvue" and "Fools Rush In" programmes and a photograph of the Livingstone Choral Society.
Posted by Harry Shirley on 27 July 2010
Thank you for those - alas! we have just moved house, and everything is in chaos !
Posted by Robin Clay on 15 November 2010
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Posted on 18 April 2010
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