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14 February 2016
"heartunions" week

“heartunions” week of action

This week is a week of action when trade unions and trades union councils focus outwards towards our local community and to the nation to tell the story about the contribution that trade unions and trade unionists make to our society and to the economy. The week of action has been launched by the TUC with the logo “heartunions”.

Without trade unions our society would be much the poorer for unions are proven to improve working conditions and are a vital part of our democracy.

On Wednesday the 10th of February Berwick Trades Union Council was out on the streets of Berwick with a stall in the market. Our message was “join a trades union – they’re good for you!” TUC leaflets on the benefits of joining a trades union were handed out and we also invited passers by to sign a petition supporting Sports Direct workers. This asked David Forsey (Chief Executive) to stop exploiting workers; they dersrve: secure jobs; fair pay; guaranteed hours; and the right to union representation.

Later this month, Friday the 26th February, we have a public meeting on the NHS and the danger of the proposed Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP). If this goes through the UK government could be sued by US firms if it tried to stop private companies running the NHS. Join us at the Granary on Friday 7pm, for an open discussion.

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