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14 December 2015
Trades Council Backs Stop the War

Berwick Trades Union Council sends message of support to Stop the War Coalition

Berwick upon Tweed & District Trades Union Council sends its support and solidarity with Stop the War Coalition. StW has done good solid work, over many years, in opposing UK involvement in pointless and destructive wars. We support the current campaign against bombing Syria.

Our delegates have attended many events and demonstrations organised by StW and we see no reason not to continue to do so. We agree with Tariq Ali and others who say the current attacks on StW are an attempt by much of the mainstream press and scurrilous politicians (on both sides) to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters.

Further than this, it is an attack on legitimate and peaceful grass roots protest in general. In that sense this is also an attack on effective, organised labour. We therefore urge trade unionists, regardless of their views on foreign policy, to condemn this attack on the StW movement.

Keep up the good work.

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