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21 March 2015
Berwick people join anti-racist rally

"Today everyone who came to Glasgow from all over Scotland from Aberdeen to Dumfries did Scotland proud today. Not only did we take part in one of the biggest anti-racist and fascist demos here for many years but we showed in Edinburgh that Pegida is not welcome in Scotland. As we demonstrated in Glasgow we joined tens of thousands who marched in other cities across Europe and beyond in solidarity with Greek anti-fascists in their struggle to defeat the openly Nazi Golden Dawn. Today is not the end but the beginning of a fight to wipe out racism, hatred and xenophobia. Well done everyone who stood up to racism and fascism"  (Unite Against Fascism)

The Berwick contingent joined a bus organised by Newcastle anti-fascists and took part in this brilliant day with banner held high. On the way back home we showed solidarity with anti-fascists demonstrating against Pegida in Edinburgh.

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