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25 January 2013
Trades Council starts 2013

Berwick Trades Union Council starts the year pledging to oppose the fascist threat to our area. To that end we are actively working with groups and individuals to set up a Berwick and Borders Unite Against Fascism network.

At a time of austerity and economic uncertainty there is always the danger that racists will attempt to scapegoat ethnic minorities. We have to be quite clear that the Scottish Defence League, the English Defence League and the BNP are trying to stir up hatred and divide communities. Cuts in welfare, jobs and housing are the result of a failed economic system in which the poor and most vulnerable suffer the most while those who are responsible for the crisis still prosper. Our anger should be directed at the Tory cabinet of millionaires.

The best way to counter the fascist threat is to prevent racist groups like the SDL from gaining a platform anywhere. They have been chased from every city in Scotland; we will not let them sneak into the Borders unopposed.

On a more positive note the council is planning an educational forum on the origins of the NHS and how best to defend our public health service. Significant changes are on the way and the effects on Berwick are complicated with its closeness to Scottish health services. This educational will look at the history of the NHS and how recent changes are driven by a right wing agenda in England. This will not just be an educational event but a debate on how best to defend our NHS. This educational can be seen as a follow on from our day school in October of last year on the Welfare State: index.asp?pageid=405951

The event will be open to all with and interest in how best to defend our NHS.

Details to follow.


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