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23 October 2011
Berwick TC October News


Berwick Trades Union Council goes from strength to strength


Berwick Trades Union Council held their 19th Day school in The Granary on Bridge Street on the 15th of October. The subject was The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists as this is the 100th anniversary of Robert Tressels famous book on how socialism could work.


It turned out to be one of the best attended ever with people coming from as far away as Peterborough as well as a lot of local support. The speaker for the morning was John Kay who gave an excellent talk on the book and followed on, after coffee, with biographical details about the author whose real name was Robert Noonan; his talk was accompanied by a selection of excellent photographs which really brought the whole lecture to life.


After lunch Colin Waugh, university lecturer, gave a talk on Ruskin College and workers education. The final speaker was Yunus Baksh a trade unionist from Newcastle who used the book to make comparisons between Tressels time and modern day events. He stressed the importance or the TUC day of action on the 30th November which could give workers the confidence to reverse the Tory and cuts and perhaps begin to think about alternatives to the capitalist system as envisioned by the early pioneers such as Tressell. Everyone agreed it had been a most enjoyable and informative day.


Berwick Trades Union Council also helped RMT (Rail Transport and Maritime Union) members leaflet Berwick Railway Station on Thursday the 20th October against the McNultys “a value for money “ review. McNulty proposes higher fares, removal of guards on trains, fewer safety inspections and unmanned stations, which would include Berwick.


Passengers were very supportive and angry at safety cuts and fare increases which many felt unfairly penalised people using public transport.



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