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30 April 2011
SDL Fascists in Berwick Sat 30 April


Say NO to Fascists


The Scottish Defence League march in Berwick upon Tweed Saturday 30 April

The people of Berwick delivered a firm NO to the SDL fascists who marched in the town on Saturday. Berwick Trades Union Council with Unite Against Fascism assembled at the Town Hall mid morning and handed out hundreds of anti-fascist leaflets. Local people and tourists voiced their concern and disgust at fascists attempting to stir up hate and division in Berwick, where community relations are good.
The SDL fascists, supported by members of the English Defence League (EDL) from as far away as Chester, arrived, disappeared into a pub for several hours and then, boxed in by the police, marched down the road. Local people shouted at them, making it quite clear they were not welcome. All reports, including police, say there were little or no local people either on the SDL march or their rally.
However there is no room for complacency. At a time of recession, with real falls in wages and jobs under threat, fascism and racist scapegoating will continue to pose a threat. During the day Berwick Trades Union Council accumulated many new local contacts, who expressed a desire to set up a local Unite Against Fascism group; this will provide an even firmer base of anti- fascists ready to oppose any far right group including the SDL or the nasty little group of local BNP, who we suspect may have invited the SDL to Berwick. We must build the broadest common front against this common threat.
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