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11 March 2023

Solidarity Action - defend the right to strike!

!SOS NHS! -Saturday 11 March 12 noon Berwick Guildhall - !SOS NHS!

SOS NHS Berwick!

End the NHS Crisis – Support the Strikes

On 11 March the largest ever coalition of trade unions, health charities, community groups and medical staff are marching together in London to support the distress signal from the NHS - emergency funding is needed now! 

In 2010, after a decade of investment, the NHS had its best ever performance.  But now, after more than a decade of austerity, and despite valiant efforts by underpaid and overworked staff to provide  proper services, the NHS is delivering its worst ever performance. And in those 10 years there has been a 20% fall in real pay for all staff.  

In Berwick we know only too well what this means in practice –

  • We are waiting longer for medical appointments;
  • Our re-built hospital promised for spring 2022 is now scheduled for
  • the end of 2024;
  • We continue to have to be referred to other hospitals over an hour’s

     journey away (much longer if we have to use public transport);

  • It is increasingly hard to arrange social care resulting in a corresponding increase in discharge delays.

In the Northumbria area many NHS staff have left for jobs in retail and hospitality. Northumberland County Council have acknowledged that it is more difficult to access services in rural areas particularly in the north of the county and that this is mainly due to difficulties recruiting and retaining appropriate staff.  But there are not matching investment programmes aimed at promoting NHS careers in rural and coastal areas.

We are demonstrating our solidarity with NHS staff who feel forced to strike as the only way to get the message across that enabling the NHS to deliver safe care for everybody requires an end to under-funding and under-staffing. We cannot save the NHS unless staff are paid fairly and safe staffing levels are mandated. 


Join us in standing up for our NHS!

Want to know more about trade unions and how to join one to support you?

Contact us!  sreqwerty@gmail.com

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