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14 May 2022
Justice for Shireen!

Our regular Peace Vigil for Ukraine, included a statement on the recent Israeli killing of Al Jazeera journalist and the utterly disgraceful attack by Israeli police on the funeral – we demand justice for Shireen. Our event coincided with protest events around the UK. The Palestinian people’s plight under illegal occupation demands just as much attention as illegally occupied Ukraine.

Press report:

Disgusted by the extreme violence meted-out by Israel forces; the shooting-dead of a prominent TV Journalist; Shireen Abu Akleh on Wednesday last; 11th May, and the subsequent brutal assault on mourners at her funeral on Saturday brought protesters on to the streets of Berwick. Around 30 people gathered to demand justice for Shireen, her family and the millions of Palestinians living under illegal occupation whom she served.

Speaker Paul Mc Donald (Palestine Solidarity) asked; “Why is it that no time was lost imposing sanctions and restrictions (which we agree-with) where Ukrain is concerned, but business-as-usual with Israel whose record of mass-murder, state-terrorism, land-theft, house-demolitions et al is well-known and been around for over 70 years?     

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