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13 May 2020
Renters Losing Out

A post from Pam

Renters losing out:

“There is a massive problem coming down the line to which the government is giving very little attention is to the plight of those paying rent. Workers in the gig economy are some of the most vulnerable here and some of those most likely to lose their jobs altogether.

There are 8.6 million households in the UK living in a rented property, 4.6 million in private rents. So far the government has put a 3-month moratorium on landlords starting possession proceedings, which may possibly be extended, but this is no answer. The Labour party has asked for tenants to be given 2 years to pay back any rent arrears caused by Covid lockdown. This doesn't help as many won't be able to cover current rent let alone additions to cover arrears.

Local Housing Allowance is usually set at a level that doesn't fully cover most private rents. Others fall foul of the benefit cap and the bedroom tax. Low pay is a continuing problem.

Those in so-called social housing will be almost as vulnerable as those in private rents because of the way HAs are set up.

To avoid a massive increase in homelessness all arrears need to be written off by the government and the long-term housing crisis addressed.” (Pam)

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