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11 May 2020
Know Your Rights!

As the Westminster government attempts a return to work

Know your rights

  • Workers have a right to be safe at work, wherever they work and whatever they do. Coronavirus does not change this
  • There are existing laws which already protect workers: It's a legal requirement, under the Health and Safety at Work Regulations Act 1974, for bosses to carry out a workplace risk assessment
  • Employers must enable extremely vulnerable workers in the shielded category to observe NHS advice, and protect other vulnerable or pregnant workers
  • Employees have the right to leave work under Section 44 of the Employment Act 1996 if there is “serious or imminent danger"
  • It is important that you seek advice and support on taking action: raise concerns with your union and employer first
  • The law also protects you from being victimised if, after raising concerns and seeking advice, the danger persists and you decide to leave work

The clear message here is to consult your trade union/join a trade union

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