Badges…. More Archaeology…. From ‘Unbound’……

by Bernie Bell - 09:36 on 17 June 2024



An old pal from Uni. posted some thoughts about badges on his FB page….


“I do like a badge.

Judging by some of my male contemporaries, probably an older man's interest.

Inexpensive and sometimes educational. Often fun to wear and a good conversation starter.

Thus far no-one has told me anything about the British Housewives League or suggested my implied support might not sit well with my political or religious outlook.

Apparently 'still a thing'.



To which I responded…


“When I went to University in 1974, my big brother gave me his rucksack which he’d had when he went to College in the 60’s, on which there was one of the original CND badges.

Fast forward to around 1978? and Ian Willson having a full set of the Ian Dury & The Blockheads ‘Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll&’ badges ( I can’t remember where he got them). Ian and I swapped badges.

Fast forward to about 20 years ago when my friend’s teenage son - just getting into music - was very keen on Ian Dury & The Blockheads - and I gave him the set of Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll&badges.

Does this say something about the part that badges can play in our lives?


By the by - there's 'nowt wrong wi' being a 'housewife' - of either sex. Not sure about the idea of a 'League' - I picture massed ranks of solid sorts, marching on ??? Tho' maybe that's what's needed now. Not meaning to stereo-type housewives as necessarily being solid sorts - but the images in the telly paper of the 'Real Housewives' always make me think... 'Oh aye - they look ready to do some serious dusting.'


There was further discussion, which highlighted how much badges can play a part in declaring allegiances - or the opposite….


Then I looked in my box of bits & pieces, and thought that the only badges I have now are...'40' and '60'…….Dear oh dear!

I then noticed that I have some other badges, pinned up on our kitchen notice-board – ‘I Love Wave Power’ and ‘Orkney Blues Fest’…


And a couple of cosmic badges from an Orkney International Science Festival…



I can’t write about badges without referencing the Bandidos in ‘Blazing Saddles’…



More Archaeology….

Not Orkney, but still v. interesting…



From ‘Unbound’….

“Journey into the heart of ancestral heritage with Kirsten Norrie's Eagle Song. When Norrie meets Ernie LaPointe, the great-grandson of the Sioux leader Sitting Bull, a remarkable story unfolds. Eagle Song traces the cultural intersections between Scottish Highland clans and Native American tribes, uncovering a shared history of resilience and vision. Through the lenses of literature, ethnography, and art, Norrie explores themes of home, roots, and the spaces in between.

Experience this unique and profound exploration of lineage and identity – pledge for your copy of Eagle Song now.


About the author

Kirsten Norrie is a writer and artist who often performs under her Highland name: MacGillivray. She has published four books of poetry. Norrie’s music has appeared on the BBC and for film soundtracks The Whalebone Box, Swandown and By Our Selves.



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