It Happens…...Would You?.....’Earth-logs’…..

by Bernie Bell - 09:19 on 16 May 2024


It Happens….

My cousin posted this on her FB page….

My response was two rhymes along those lines….


Got Them Nuthin’ Works Like It Used To Blues


Can’t see without ma’ specs

Rough ground calls for a stick

Rich food and I’m reaching

For the reliable  Rennie


Still dancing to Prince

Tho’ in the kitchen

Still fancying Robert

Tho’ Circa 1974


An old lady looks back at me

From the mirror


When did that happen?


BB - 2023

(If I’ve posted that before – apologies - I forget things!)




In Praise Of The Humble Rennie –

A Seasonal Ditty.

(Other antacids are available)


I shouldn’t have had that cheesecake

I’d had more than enough to eat.

Now, here I am, lying a-wake

With heart-burn

I just cannot sleep.


I’ve spent some time tossing and turning

I’ve tried breathing steady and slow

But nothing would settle the torment

So, off to the kitchen I go

To munch on an old-faithful – Rennie

And soon the ease started to flow.


The fire goes out

Nice and steady

Soon, soothed is my burning heart

And I’m thinking that maybe the next time

I’ll stick to some plain apple tart!


BB 2nd Jan. 2020


William Blake said “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom “ – it doesn’t  - it leads to heartburn!!!


Would You?...



Don't Go Near The Water

©1971 Alan Jardine & Mike Love

Don't go near the water.
Don't you think it's sad,
What's happened to the water;
Our water's going bad.

Oceans, rivers, lakes and streams,
Have all been touched by man,
The poison floating out to sea,
Now threatens life on land

Don't go near the water.
Ain't it sad,
What's happened to the water;
It's going bad.

Don't go near the water,
Don't go near the water

Toothpaste and soap will make our oceans a bubble bath,
So let's avoid an ecological aftermath,
Beginning with me,
Beginning with you

Don't go near the water,
To do it any wrong;
To be cool with the water,
Is the message of this song.

Let's all help the water,
Right away,
Do what we can and ought to,
Let's start today.



Steve Drury’s ‘Earth-logs’….

The title gives it away….





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