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by Bernie Bell - 08:11 on 15 May 2024

From ‘Emergence’ Magazine…..

Counter Mapping

by Adam Loften & Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

“A map may be something we heard from our grandmother about a place. There are maps in song and in prayers. There are maps that are etched in stone and woven into textiles and painted on ceramics.”  — Jim Enote

What do our maps reveal about how we relate to the land? Two-dimensional and scrollable, they tend to flatten places into lines, distances, and measurements that bear little resemblance to living landscapes. If our modern maps held the memory and story of the land, instead of erasing it, what would they look like? 

From within the landscape he has tended all his life, traditional Zuni farmer Jim Enote conceived a project to render the land his ancestors have inhabited for generations with a restored depth of meaning. Working with his fellow elders and religious leaders, he gathered a community of Zuni artists to create “counter maps”—maps that reclaim the names of Zuni places and picture the land of the A:shiwi as they know and live within it. Resisting the legacy of colonial maps used to divide and dispossess Native peoples, these counter maps depict the topography of myth, memory, and prayer embedded in the land, returning a tool of power to a space of connection.  


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From The John Rae Society….


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People Power….

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