Spring in Bart-land…From ‘Emergence’ Magazine…

by Bernie Bell - 09:16 on 23 April 2024


Spring in Bart-land…

Through the Window

Observing the teenage squirrels at play
and titmice foraging among the leaves
has convinced me.

I'm moving out of my apartment and building
a treehouse. Now that everything's green,
no one will notice a studio in the branches.

I'll leave my windows open so the birds
can perch on the sills. I imagine the crows
will be quite interested in my work.

The squirrels can run right through the living
room and I won't care. Once they're used
to me, I might even join the chase.

And I'll observe the strange creature living
in my old place, face glowing, never singing,
never jumping, getting fatter and fatter

as more and more trees get buzzed down.



From 'Emergence' Magazine....

Sanctuaries of Silence

A Listening Journey

Equipped with his binaural microphone system, acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton has spent the last forty years traveling the world documenting the sounds of the Earth and its inhabitants. Recording the noise pollution that permeates nearly all places on the planet, Gordon also listens for silence, for the sounds that emerge in the absence of noise. This week, we return to our audio adaptation of our virtual reality experience Sanctuaries of Silence—one of the first stories we released back in 2018. Guided by Gordon, we embark into the Hoh Rain Forest, one of the quietest places in North America. As he attunes our ears to its silence, we begin to hear the music of life emerge in every direction—the murmur of the river, the shuffle of trees, the cacophony of birdsong.

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