My Very Own Limerick!.....Matthew’s Thought For The Week…...From ‘Emergence’ Magazine…..From ‘Unbound’….

by Bernie Bell - 08:08 on 22 April 2024


My Very Own Limerick!.....

Limerick for Bernie

on her birthday

There once was a woman from Orkney,
who was always attracted to dorknies.
Quantum Physics, her game
and so she became
entwined with a strangely charmed quarkney.

Happy Birthday to my loyal reader and fellow writer, Bernie Bell!




Matthew’s Thought For The Week….

“You have a light that shines through you when you show kindness to others. Your random acts of kindness have the power to brighten someone’s day and make a lasting impact. Keep spreading love and positivity in the world - every small gesture you make ripples out and creates a wave of goodness. Your compassionate heart is a gift to those around you, and the world is a better place because of your thoughtfulness. Keep being a beacon of light through your kindness, and know that your actions truly make a difference.”



From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

“FROM THE VERY first days of the universe, sound awoke a new note within creation. A call into the vast silence, sound was, and continues to be, a vital instrument of connection. This week, in celebration of Earth Day and our six-year anniversary, we invite you into Earthly soundscapes both primordial and present-day, the lushness of their music bringing you into relationship with our planetary home. 

When the Earth Started to Sing

by David G. Haskell

“To listen, then, is to be open to the vitality and creativity of life.” 

How did the vast and varied chorus of modern sounds—from forests to oceans to human music—emerge from within life’s community? When did the living Earth first start to sing? In this immersive sonic journey, biologist and acclaimed author David George Haskell opens our senses to the joy and wonder of sound on Earth. Hearing three billion years of our planet’s sound evolution in the trills, bugles, clicks, and pulses of the life around him, David invites us into the space of connection with deep time and the more-than-human world that opens when we tune in to the Earth’s orchestra. 

To immerse yourself in this listening journey, we recommend using a pair of good headphones.



From ‘Unbound’….

Chivalric Epics & Delicious Histories


The Romance of William and The Werewolf 

A beautifully illustrated translation of the 14th century chivalric epic.


About the author

Michael Smith comes from Cheshire and read history at the University of York, specialising in English and European mediaeval history. In later years, he studied as a printmaker at the Curwen Print Study Centre near Cambridge. 


A Feast of Folklore   

Folklorist Ben Gazur is your guide through the dark alleys of British history to uncover how these unconventional actions have been passed down through generations of folklore. 


About the author

Ben Gazur has a PhD in Biochemistry but has given up the glitz and glamour of life in the laboratory for a career as a writer. He has written about everything from Mudlarking for Mental Floss to terrible TV for the Guardian. His work has also appeared in All About History, i-D, the BBC and Fortean Times.



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