Skara Brae Documents…...The Digital Age…..From The RSPB……

by Bernie Bell - 09:15 on 18 April 2024

Skara Brae Documents….

This article is most excellent – and what it’s about is even more so!....


One of my tuppenceworth’s  - which includes a link to ‘Canmore’ pics of Skara Brae……



The Digital Age……

My Home

I live in a small Southern suburban apartment
and it could be wiped off its hilltop by a hurricane
and I wouldn't care. It's just where I sleep
and keep my stuff. I would miss the heirlooms
and library of poetry books

but my home is this laptop. Booting up,
is like inserting the key to the front door,
icons arranged on the desktop with Feng Shui,
data arrayed in tidy directories.

Technically, since I upgrade the hardware
every few years, the laptop is just the house
and the data is my real home.

I don't live in the clouds
but my backups do.



My take on it…



From The RSPB….

Berwick Bank

An enormous wind farm is proposed off the East coast of Scotland. We believe this development will have a serious impact on our already struggling seabird populations.

Watch the video 


Soaring Skydancers

The latest Hen Harrier survey has revealed a mixed picture in Scotland. Some populations are increasing, others have declined, often in areas managed for driven grouse shooting.

Find out more


Squirrelpox near Dunfermline

Sadly, the first Red Squirrel to die from the squirrelpox virus north of the central belt has been confirmed. This is deeply concerning news, and could have serious implications for the future of Scotland’s Red Squirrels.

 What to do if you live in the area 


Five facts about Great Tits

Now you've seen the Big Garden Birdwatch scores, how much do you really know about the seventh most common bird in Scotland's gardens? “

Read the blog


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