Forgotten Places…...I Want To Read This!.....From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

by Bernie Bell - 09:09 on 17 April 2024


Forgotten Places….

On Monday evening we watched a recorded documentary in which Dan Snow investigates Plato’s story of Atlantis.  I don’t think it’s a well-made programme – too much emphasis on graphics and simplification – but we like to see the places and the objects.

Dan considers Knossos,  Pavlopetri, Akrotiri and Helike as possible inspiration for the tale of Atlantis – I won’t go into my thoughts on that!  What I will mention is the train of thought prompted by this programme.

These were large, thriving centres which were covered in ash or water and completely forgotten about.


We recently also watched a series about the lost cites and temples of Cambodia, presented by Pauline Carroll ….


Note I include a link to this one – as it is well made!

Again – this was an advanced civilization with a large population, yet – completely forgotten until relatively recently.


Then I thought about the Ness of Brodgar – lying there, under the earth for thousands of years – forgotten until the recent excavations….


This year will be the last digging season, then the area will be covered over – but not forgotten – though…..who knows where the world will be in 100 years time?


I Want To Read This!.....


Antonia’s previous publications…


And explorations….




From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

Volume 5: Time

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“Our first hardcover edition, Volume 5: Time explores the vast mystery of Time. Separated from the fabric of the cosmos, Time has been distilled into a tool of control. But what kind of Time listens and moves in tune with the Earth; travels not in a straight line, but in a circle? Journeying through its many landscapes—deep time, geological time, kinship time, ancestral time, and sacramental time—this volume asks: If we can recognize a different kind of Time, can we come to dwell within it?“



Fermentation as Metaphor

An interview with Sandor Katz

How can we repair our connection with what we eat, rejoining the biological web that we are a part of? In this conversation, fermentation expert Sandor Katz unpacks his book Fermentation as Metaphor, guiding us through the lessons taught by microorganisms as they change form. Exploring how our fear of the other, the unseen, and the unknowable has divorced us from the wonder of fermentation, Sandor shows us how engaging with microbial communities through food—breads, fungi, pickles, yogurts—can bring us into relationship with the tiny but vital unseen forces of the living world. 

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