In The Garden….From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

by Bernie Bell - 08:34 on 16 April 2024


In The Garden….

One tree - two stems - inter-twined.

We think it's a Wych-elm - we forget what they are until they're in leaf!


From ‘Emergence’ Magazine….

“AWAKENING A LOVE for the Earth is dependent on broadening our care and attention beyond ourselves. This week, two films ask us to extend the circle we place around our sense of self to include the living world, from widening the practice of faith to include the protection of forests, to widening our image of home to encompass the wonder of Earth within the greater expanse of space.”

The Church Forests of Ethiopia

by Jeremy Seifert

“They are embedded within one another. The church is within the forest; the forest is inside the church.” 
— Dr. Alemayehu Wassie

In the northern highlands of Ethiopia, where once-dense forests have been largely leveled to make way for crops and cattle grazing, the pockets of green surrounding the Ethiopian Orthodox churches are the region’s last bastions of native biodiversity. Following Dr. Alemayehu Wassie’s collaboration with Orthodox priests to expand the walls of their churches to hold and protect the forests that encircle them, this film captures what a lived mutual guardianship can look like. As reverence and devotion are extended beyond human spaces, the forest becomes part of the church itself, and tree and prayer begin to soften into one. “




by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

“[In] all this inky black void, the Earth was there with this beautiful blue hue to it. The blue marble.” —Frank Borman

It has been over half a century since Apollo 8 astronauts took the first photograph of the Earth, vivid and alone, from the surface of the Moon. To see its fragility and beauty within the dark expanse of space was to see the true nature of our planet and humanity’s place on it. This iconic image had a profound impact on the astronauts and the world, offering a perspective that transcended national and political boundaries and laid bare the need to care for our living world. In Earthrise, we revisit this powerful moment of recognition: that we are, and always have been, an inseparable part of a living whole."



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