Our NHS …..Jackie Morris….Something Positive!....

by Bernie Bell - 07:23 on 15 April 2024


Our NHS …..

I sent this letter to ‘The Orcadian’ and ‘The Orkney News’…

“Dear Editor

My husband hurt his ankle, and when he rang the hospital was advised to go to A&E – which we did.  We arrived and the Receptionist took his details very efficiently, but also in a friendly, pleasant way.  Mike had only taken his coat off,  when a doctor came and took him off to be checked out.  She came back to get me so that we’d both be there for the procedure and instructions relating to living with his injury.

When we went into the Minor Injuries Room, the two nurses became a well-oiled machine – with a trainee watching, to learn.  It was good to see that young folk are still keen to go into NHS nursing.

All the equipment needed was there, ready to hand, and they adjusted the bed to make sure his leg was at the right angle – really – it was almost balletic. And while doing such a good job, they were chatting and joking with us.

Then, when his leg was firmly encased in a cast – they made sure that we understood the do’s and don’ts which apply until he’s seen again.

I’m writing this to say how very, very fortunate we are to have our NHS – and the people who work in it.  The doctors and nurses who dealt with Mike weren’t just doing a job – they obviously are committed to what they are doing and care about his well-being. 

I told them about an email I recently received from a relative in Ireland telling of how Health Insurance there has gone up.  That brought home to me just how fortunate we are here – especially in Scotland where the Government are committed to medical help being accessible, at point of need.

This has become a long letter – but I feel strongly about this and am taking the opportunity to remind people that we MUST  keep our NHS.

One word …VOTE!”


Jackie Morris….

Is doing what she can to help…


I had got down about what's happening in the world and to humanity  – saw Jackie’s blog, and am trying to remind myself that…. ‘It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness’.

I’m trying to – while also reminding myself that – though our life is difficult at the moment - we’re not being bombed or starved.


Something Positive!....


Hoping for more.


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