BBC Pics. of Scotland…...From ‘Wild Justice’….

by Bernie Bell - 08:31 on 13 April 2024


BBC Pics. of Scotland….

5th - 12th April 2024…


Quite a few of Storm Kathleen. 

And on a more peaceful note - a circumhorizontal rainbow snapped by Lisa Manchanda!


From ‘Wild Justice’….

“As you may remember (it's been mentioned in the last two of these newsletters) Defra has a consultation on future Badger culls running at the moment which closes on 22 April. Normally we would give you suggestions today to help you decide how to respond, thus giving you two weekends and the intervening days to have a good think about it.  We can't do that today because, a) the consultation is so poorly explained and lacks important detail which any respondent might wish to know and b) the content and closing date of this consultation may change in response to critical comments from the Badger Trust and Wild Justice. 


Chronology of the Consultation

  • 14 March, consultation published
  • 22 March, Wild Justice and Badger Trust write to Defra criticising the quality of the consultation warning that the consultation may be unlawful and requesting a response by 28 March - click here.
  • 2 April, Defra replies and promises to respond fully by 19 April (a Friday, before the consultation is planned to close on Monday 22 April).

It is possible, though by no means certain, that Defra will reissue the consultation on or before 19 April and that would necessitate a new closing date for the consultation.  


Under these circumstances we are asking you to spend 20 minutes looking at the consultation and answering some questions about it, please. We may feed back your collective responses to Defra to help them make up their minds on the way forward. No-one, not us and not Defra, will know the identities of individual respondents so you are carrying this out anonymously.


Can you help us please?

To be absolutely honest, this is not the most exciting 20 minutes you will ever spend, but we do think that if enough of you fill in this Wild Justice questionnaire we can further influence Defra on this subject. 


Please click on this link - click here - to open a Wild Justice questionnaire about the Defra consultation. Please answer the first four questions (that should take no more than a couple of minutes).


After answering Q1-Q4, please click on this link - click here - to see the consultation information and the consultation questions. This is not the link used for making a response, it's a handy link to read the consultation questions and supporting documents.


Please spend a few moments scrolling through the 40 pages of the consultation document. Just have a look through the consultation, notice the headings, notice that there are 19 consultation questions and get a feel for the language used. Don't attempt to read the whole thing carefully - you can if you want to, but that isn't necessary to answer the remaining few questions in our questionnaire. Please go back to Question 5 in our Wild Justice questionnaire and answer Q5-Q9 and then you are done. 


Our questionnaire will close on Monday evening (or sooner on Monday if we have lots and lots of responses from you) so you only have an extended weekend to complete this rather dreary task. Please fill in our questionnaire if you can - thank you.



We will tell you the results of this questionnaire next week and we expect to be able to give you more news on other subjects too. 


Thank you!  


Wild Justice (Directors: Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay).”


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