RWANDA!!!....Wobbles the Wiener Dog…….. Doctor Who?......St. Mary’s - Stromness…..

by Bernie Bell - 09:04 on 07 December 2023




From ‘Freedom From Torture’….

“We need your help. Once again, refugees and torture survivors are at risk of being sent to Rwanda.

Just now this government published their new Rwanda Bill and earlier this week, the Home Secretary, James Cleverly, signed a treaty with the country. They're attempting to push through the government's cruel cash-for-humans scheme - despite the highest court in the UK ruling it unlawful only 2 weeks ago.

But we can't let it happen. We must stand up for people seeking safety. We've done it before, and we can do it again. We need to stand together and say Not to Rwanda. Not anywhere.

You and 13,000 others have already joined us in standing against this government's cruel plan. But unfortunately, it's not enough. Share the petition with your loved ones.




For over a year, people across the UK have been fighting alongside torture survivors to stop this cruel cash-for-humans scheme. And we have had some amazing wins.

When we persuaded Privilege Airlines to pull out of flying refugees to Rwanda in our Stop the Flights campaign, tens of thousands of you came together in solidarity.

We need you to share this petition and tell this government Not to Rwanda. Not anywhere.

Together, we can stop this government's cruel policies and make the UK a more welcoming place for refugees and torture survivors.

It's time to keep fighting for compassion and show Rishi how many of us stand in solidarity with torture survivors and refugees.

In solidarity,

Aaliyah Burns

Senior Digital Campaigns Officer

Help us spread the word and keep up to date by following us on social media”




Wobbles the Wiener Dog

I don't mind the cold
it's these strangities
on my paws that bother

They hinder my dig
into the drifts
to sniff some furry
deep under the snow

The chill is worth
the thrill of winter play
snapping at snowballs
ears flapping through flakes

Then home to a fireplace
and a warm tired cuddle
with my favorite boy


‘Strangities’ on paws?  See….  https://bartbarkerpoet.com/2023/12/05/wobbles-the-wiener-dog/

I’m reminded of when Ben-The-Dog got old and we bought him a little coat.  I wasn’t sure if he’d let us put it on him – he was very much on his dignity about such things.

He stood still while I fastened it under his tummy – the bit that got coldest, as he was a low-slung terrier – and I thought I’d cracked it.

Then he stood still, just stood still, refused to move a muscle.

That was that – I took it off him and put it in the bag for the charity shop.

‘Strangities’ on his paws? He’d a’ ripped them off!


Dr. Who?

Someone I know wrote the following ditty about a certain doctor that we both know…

Dr. Who?

(Doctor’s part to be sung to the tune of ‘My Old Man’s a dustman’)

I woke up one dark morning

Quite anxious and in pain,

And when I saw the doctor

He sang this sweet refrain:


“You are quite time-expired,

Diseased from head to toe,

So here’s a cheap placebo,

Take this before you go.

And please come back on Friday,

Make that at half past three,

Because my dear old patient,

I need my massive fee.”


I said; Thou great prescriber,

I’ll try my very best,

But if you do not see me,

They’ve laid my bones to rest.



St. Mary’s - Stromness….

I received an email telling me about the old font in St. Mary’s Church, Stromness….

“The talk of ancient stones brings to mind the stone font in St Marys Church, Stromness. It was dredged out of Boardhouse Lock many years ago, during an exceptionally dry season. Although its provenance prior to that is unknown, it is believed to have come from the original St Magnus Church in Birsay, and thrown into the lock during the reformation, perhaps during the sixteenth century.

I understand that the font was gifted to the church when it was founded in the eighteen-nineties. It is still in use, the last time just a few years ago. It is a wonderful carved object that repays a visit to this interesting church.  The beautiful stained glass windows by a local artist, that show Stromness street scenes, should also be seen, by all and sundry. I wonder if you have been there.”

           The history of the font looked interesting, so I tried to find out more about it.  There is some information given here…


And I quote…

Parts of St. Mary’s are among the oldest structures in Stromness. The medieval baptismal font was given to the church by the Marquess of Zetland after it was recovered from the Boardhouse Loch.  The exact provenance of the red sandstone bowl into which is carved a Craigie family shield is still a subject of speculation.”

There’s a picture of the font, too.

The stained glass windows do look beautiful……


You don’t need to belong to a religion to be able to appreciate the history and beauty of places where folk commune with their Gods.  In some places, this covers a long stretch of time…



Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2022/05/16/spicy-lentils-with-potato-wedges/



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