From ‘Emergence’ Magazine……‘Colonialism and the European Mesolithic’….. Rock Art At Onziebist!....

by Bernie Bell - 09:50 on 09 June 2023

From ‘Emergence’ Magazine……

Becoming Water

by Makshya Tolbert

As our physical and cultural landscapes transform around us, what memories remain held by water? What histories of pain and destruction, what hallowed moments are carried in its currents, taken into its body like shards of glass, and resurface to haunt us, to guide us? In this narrated essay from our archive, writer and poet Makshya Tolbert wades into the liminal, haunted space that exists between water and Black memory. As she navigates Black lineages of thinking and practice, she comes to the meeting place of past and present, life and death, slavery and freedom, and embarks on her own return to water. “

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‘Colonialism and the European Mesolithic’…

To quote from the introduction….

“Its aim was to stimulate discussion around decolonial theory and Mesolithic archaeology, and has prompted replies from senior Mesolithic researchers, museum directors, indigenous archaeology practitioners and experts in Indian prehistory.”


‘Colonialism’ – the very word makes my hackles rise.  Who was it said that the problems start when explorers become colonisers?

My tuppenceworth’s on this theme…




Rock Art At Onziebist!....

I was just about to get off the machine and out into the sunshine when this popped up….


And I quote….

“The incised stone was spotted in the side cell of the remains of the Onziebist cairn, in Egilsay, on Tuesday, June 6. The unexcavated structure survives as a disturbed mound perched atop a large, natural ridge in the south side of the island.”

Which reminds me of when deer carvings were found, very recently, in a cairn  in Kilmartin Glen….


There’s so much more to be discovered!


The carving in Onziebist reminded me of carvings in Four Knocks - previously written of in this piece…


Another carving bit…….as you go in, on your left, there’s a carving which is just like the ones on the Ness of Brodgar stones.  Parallel lines, with diamond shapes inside. 

To ignore the fact that these folk were in contact with each other just makes no sense at all."


Here’s one I made earlier…..  https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/05/06/thoughts-on-structures-being-more-than-what-the-eye-can-see/


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