Bread & Circuses….. Bacon Butties….Something Good About Gannets….

by Bernie Bell - 09:09 on 06 May 2023

Bread & Circuses…

Keep the populace stupefied with bread & circuses – they fall for it every time….


We’re expected to watch it on TV and, at the appropriate moment, shout ‘May the King live forever’.  What century are we living in?  It reminds me of how, in some of the ‘Narnia‘ books by C.S. Lewis, people are supposed to say ‘The Tisroc – may he live forever’ on pain of punishment.

At least it’s up to us whether we do ‘pledge allegiance’ or not – tho’ a lot of houses have a Siri listening in these days - will Siri report back to the Thought Police? Sounds far-fetched, but if people can be arrested for holding up a blank piece of paper, or given prison sentences for climbing a bridge and stringing a banner over a road – well – maybe not so far-fetched after all.

1984 – you were warned.

The King & Co will be decked out in gold and jewels, while nurses are expected to be grateful for the offer of a small pay rise.


Meanwhile, back in the real world....



Bacon Butties….

I’ve just finished reading ‘In Southern Waters’ by Ian Marchant.

I haven’t eaten meat for a long time, and the one thing I really miss is a bacon butty – exactly as Ian describes them in the chapter entitled ‘Bacon Sandwiches’ (clever use of plural, by the way). 

White bread, butter (not healthy spready stuff), tomato ketchup, crispy grilled bacon.

His description made my mouth water.  He writes well -  tho’ I must admit that if you don’t like swearing, you won’t like reading ‘In Southern Waters’ – it’s a bit of a cuss-fest!



Something Good About Gannets….

It’s good to see that some can survive Avian ‘Flu – Gannets were/are hard hit by it – we saw dead ones on beaches on many walks…


We’re still seeing some dead birds, but not so many, and some might be fatalities of winter storms.

I wondered if Avian ‘Flu is easing a bit.  It’s not in the news so much – but that’s what happens – things become ‘yesterday’s news’ and don’t get as much attention - if any.  So I  ‘Googled’….


It looks like it’s easing, a bit, but still there and still something to be aware of – like Covid.


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/02/03/to-the-broch-and-beyond/


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